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Nick Cave And Warren Ellis Join Forces For Drama 'Kings'

Nick Cave

Bad Seeds members Nick Cave and Warren Ellis reunite for yet another film soundtrack, previewing two new songs from the forthcoming Halle Berry drama 'Kings'. It will be their eleventh score that they have composed together for a movie, though they have also worked on television and theatre soundtracks.

Nick Cave at BFI London FestivalNick Cave at BFI London Festival

The musical dream team will be dropping their 16-track score to the Deniz Gamze Ergüven-directed 'Kings' this Spring, featuring the melancholy orchestral numbers 'Saying Goodbye' and 'Waking Up' which are now available to preview ahead of the film launch.

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Shane MacGowan Performs Wonderful Duet Of 'Summer In Siam' With Nick Cave

Shane MacGowan Nick Cave

Shane MacGowan celebrated his 60th birthday in style this week with a concert that featured a number of seminal performers from Bono to Johnny Depp. Perhaps the most stand-out moment of the evening, however, was Shane's heart-warming duet with Bad Seeds singer Nick Cave.

Shane MacGowan on his way to hang out with Bono in DublinShane MacGowan on his way to hang out with Bono in Dublin

The Pogues frontman turned 60 on Christmas day, and almost a month later has honoured the milestone with a sell-out show at the National Concert Hall in Dublin on Monday (January 15th 2018). He left most of the performing to his guests, but he did appear for a couple of musical numbers.

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Lovely Creatures: The Best of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds (1984-2014) Album Review

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' new career spanning retrospective Lovely Creatures is a monolithic document of a monumental career in music. Covering the years from 1984 to 2014 (post-Birthday Party up to the Push the Sky Away LP) with no Birthday Party, no Grinderman, no soundtrack work or guest appearances, just straight Bad Seeds goodness. If you want an easily digestible guide, this probably isn't it: the deluxe edition contains 45 songs, a hardback book and a 2-hour DVD. If you have the time to spare this collection, the rewards are plenty.

Lovely Creatures: The Best of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds (1984-2014) Album Review

The retrospective kicks off with a double header which more or less sum up the two distinct areas of the Bad Seeds' sound: From Her to Eternity is all bluster, with free jazz drums, dissonant guitars and a demonic Screamin' Jay Hawkins-esque vocal delivery. This is followed by In the Ghetto, a fairly faithful Elvis cover which highlights Cave's talents as a balladeer.

As one might expect from such a highly-regarded musician, the brilliant songs keep flowing, from those better known: People Ain't No Good, Where The Wild Roses Grow and Red Right Hand are all present and correct, as is Stagger Lee, a song worth the price of admission alone.

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Nick Cave Returns To Europe For 2017 Fall Tour

Nick Cave

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds will supporting their sixteenth studio album 'Skeleton Tree' with a 29-date UK and European tour which is due to kick off in the Fall of this year. It will mark the group's first European tour in three years and will span 18 countries.

Nick CaveNick Cave will tour Europe for the first time since 2014

One year after the release of 2016's 'Skeleton Tree', Nick Cave and his band will be embarking on an 8-week tour over the September, October and November months. They'll first be taking themselves to the Bournemouth International Centre on September 24th, and will finish their Europe tour at the Faliro Sports Arena in Athens, Greece on November 16th. They will then play a one off gig at the Menorah Arena in Tel Aviv, Israel on November 19th.

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Andrew Lockwood's Top Ten Albums Of 2016

Nick Cave Regina Spektor Slaves James Blake Joan as Police Woman David Bowie Bat For Lashes PJ Harvey

There is no way to aptly mark the passing of some of the very best artists of any generation but in amongst the untimely deaths has come some inspirational and ground breaking music.

My albums are all ones I have enjoyed immensely and continue to play. Whilst Radiohead, M.I.A, Peter Doherty and many others may have missed the cut it wasn't really a difficult choice this year. It may not be all that eclectic but there are some great albums in there. Nick Cave's Skeleton Tree is not only this years best album but also an album that is rapidly becoming one of my all time favourites, it's just so good.

Regina Spektor, Slaves and James Blake

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Nick Cave Admits He 'Changed' Following Son's Death

Nick Cave

Nick Cave talks candidly about the death of his teenage son for the first time in the new trailer for his documentary 'One More Time With Feeling'. He explains how such tragic circumstances can change a person, and it seems his ordeal has had a profound effect on how his 16th studio album 'Skeleton Tree' has developed.

Nick CaveNick Cave gets candid about son's death

The black and white trailer for the Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds film is laid over eerie violin and light piano as Cave talks about personal identity. He expresses that while most people don't expect to change significantly in their lifetime, rather simply adapting and improving, sometimes life can present crises that transform a person.

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Nick Cave's Son Ruled To Have Taken LSD Before Fatal Cliff Fall

Nick Cave

The son of rock singer Nick Cave was found to have taken the hallucinogenic drug LSD before falling to his death from a cliff earlier this year, a post-mortem inquest has heard.

15 year old Arthur Cave, one of the singer’s twin sons, suffered a fatal brain injury when he fell from the top of a cliff near Brighton onto the Orvingdean underpass on July 14th this year. He was alive but badly injured after the fall, but died later in the evening at the Royal Sussex County hospital.

The inquest also heard testimony from the teenager’s friend (who cannot be named for legal reasons), who said that he and Arthur had taken the powerful hallucinogen together for the first time. DC Vicky Loft, who read the friend’s statement, said that he had researched the drug and its effects but found little about the potential negative effects.

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Nick Cave's Son Dies After Tragic Cliff Fall

Nick Cave

Rock singer Nick Cave’s teenage son has died in hospital after falling from the top of chalk cliffs near Brighton.

15 year old Arthur Cave was airlifted to Royal Sussex county hospital on Tuesday (July 14th) after walkers found him with life-threatening injuries at around 6pm at the foot of a 60ft. drop below the Ovingdean Gap. Those who found him attempted to administer first aid and quickly rang for emergency services.

Nick Cave and sonsNick Cave with his sons Arthur and Earl in 2012

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20,000 Days On Earth Review


Far from the standard biographical documentary, this is a strikingly artistic exploration of the life of musician, actor and writer Nick Cave, assembled with the rhythms and energies of his work. It's such an inventive approach to filmmaking that it's both gripping and surprisingly moving, shot with a lush visual style that weaves in Cave's distinctive, provocative music and earthy humour.

The film follows Cave over the course of one day, which he has calculated is his 20,000th. Born in rural Australia, Cave is now 56, and lives in Brighton, England, with his wife Susie Bick and their cheeky twin sons Arthur and Earl. Over the course of this day, Cave reminisces about his life as he goes through his usual routine: writing his next script, working with his songwriting partner Warren Ellis and watching TV with his boys. On this day, he also visits the recording studio, talks about issues from his childhood with noted psychoanalyst Darian Leader, trawls through his archive and offers lifts to friends and collaborators like Kylie Minogue, Ray Winstone and Blixa Bargeld. 

There are moments when we can feel Cave and filmmakers Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard straining to find a clever way of inserting the usual documentary elements, so the film sometimes feels a bit belaboured. For example, Cave's archive is a cluttered basement full of old documents, photos and videos that are projected on to the walls as archival clips. This may be contrived, but it's also bracingly original, as is turning the usual to-camera interviews into revelatory conversations with the man himself. And the songs are performed in jam sessions, practice rooms and beautifully shot stage pieces. For his part, Cave goes through this odyssey with deadpan wit and refreshing transparency, opening up about his personal life, creative processes and the tricky balance between fame and artistic integrity.

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'20,000 Days On Earth': Trailer Released For Intriguing Nick Cave Docu-Drama

Nick Cave Kylie Minogue

20,000 Days On Earth: no it's not a gun-totin' new action movie about an alien invasion, it's a drama about a day in the life of Nick Cave. The pseudo-documentary supposedly charts the rocker's 20,000th day on Earth.

The 56 year-old Australian musician narrates the film, which features scenes of him writing on a typewriter, going to therapy, spending time with Kylie Minogue and Ray Winstone, having food with fellow Aussie musician Warren Ellis, and hanging out with his son watching Scarface.

Anyone looking for a humdrum, fly-on-the-wall experience of a typical Cave day will be disappointed: the film does examine his songwriting process, live show performances and various celebrity friendships but it's creative in its narration, echoing Cave's own idiosyncracies.

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Vampire Weekend Hookworms Justin Timberlake James Blake My Bloody Valentine Blood Orange Kurt Vile Daft Punk Arcade Fire Queens Of The Stone Age Joanna Gruesome Janelle Monae Nick Cave Chance the Rapper Haim Rhye Arctic Monkeys The National

Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampire in the City

Vampire Weekend 'Modern Vampire in the City' - 'Modern Vampires in the City' makes it three for three for the New Yorkers and their latest release could very well be their best yet. It shows evolution for the band, but they have retained that essential quality that made 'Contra' and their self-titled debut such wonderfully upbeat and genuine pleasures to listen to each time. 'Modern Vampire in the City' is also the release that marks Vampire Weekend as a band that should be taken seriously, but one who you can still have immense fun with. 'Diane Young' is yet another indie floor filler, standing shoulder to shoulder with previous bangers 'A-Punk' and 'Cousins.' Where the album really excels, however, is when VW reach out to new quarters and sound completely inimitable. The yelps of 'Ya Hey' bring fun to a song that essentially deals with the theme of lost conviction, the graceful 'Hanna Hunt' erupts in the most complete song released this year and album opener 'Obvious Bicycle' sets the whole thing in motion with its refreshingly angelic melodies and steady, train-like clunks that lie beneath all the splendour. Vampire Weekend are no longer the Brooklyn minions rattling at the gates of eminence, the gates have been swung open for them and the welcoming committee should have made them feel rightly at home. 

Hookworms - Pearl Mystic

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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Live From KCRW Album Review

Recorded in between sets at this year's Coachella Music Festival in a small studio at the Los Angeles radio station KCRW, Live From KCRW is the fourth live album from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds to date, and possibly one of their most daintily crafted too. The album consists some cuts from songs from Push The Sky Away, the group's most recent album, and a handful of old works, with Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Martyn Casey, Jim Sclavunos and Barry Adamson opting to keep things a little more simple and a little less intimidating than their live shows can be.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Live From KCRW Album Review

Nick and his Bad Seeds aren't the kind of band to just throw together a live album to cash in on the Christmas rush though and this is the case with KCRW, a thoughtfully put-together live album that works with the new material some of the group's finest back catalogue material, including 'The Mercy Seat', 'Stranger Than Kindness' and 'Into My Arms,' rather than rehashing the same stuff.

Bar the applauses at the end of the tracks and the odd bit of banter to and from the stage, it doesn't really sound like your conventional live album. The audience is audible, and when they do chime in they only ever seem gleeful and amused, but their remarks never take anything from the quality of the recording or the performance. Its much cleaner and more focused on the material at hand than the band's other live albums tend to be, which sometimes get lost trying to recreate the rawness of a Bad Seeds live performance. But there's an intimacy to the album that couldn't have existed outside of a live album, one that no doubt mirrors that same intimacy the lucky few who were crammed into KCRW's studio must have felt during the performance. This closeness is demonstrated by the stripped back performances at hand, an antithesis of the cluttered front cover of the album. On the cover we see Cave surrounded by flight-cased equipment, equipment that you can barely hear in the final product, and all the better for it.

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Richard Curtis' Rom Com 'About Time' Has Soundtrack Announced

Posted on14 August 2013

Richard Curtis' Rom Com 'About Time' Has Soundtrack Announced

First Look: Kylie Minogue's Cameo In Nick Cave's '20,000 Days On Earth' [Picture]

Nick Cave Kylie Minogue Ray Winstone

Kylie Minogue and Nick Cave formed an unlikely partnership in the 1980s – he was the badass rebel while she was struggling to rid herself of the pop princess title. The expertly crafted track, Where The Wild Roses Grow, combined Cave’s gruff deliverance with Minogue’s perfect pitch, and represented a shocking but most-welcome pop bite.

Now, in 20,000 Days on Earth, which will be directed by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, the Australian compatriots will combine once more.

Nick Cave Kylie MinogueCave and Minogue in what looks like a moody scene from 20,000 Days on Earth

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Glastonbury Weather Dries Up Ready For The Big Acts

Michael Eavis Rolling Stones Portishead Primal Scream Smashing Pumpkins Tame Impala Nick Cave Chic Nile Rodgers Elvis Costello Arctic Monkeys Glastonbury Festival

Many Glasto goers woke up to the pitter patter of rain on canvas this morning as Wednesday's warm, humid weather well and truly dissolved into rain. By the Thursday evening, the site was drenched - what had initially been forecast as a "short sharp shower turned into an all-day deluge," according to the BBC. And where there's rain, there's mud: big sticky, gloopy, welly-stealing piles of it. This didn't deter any of the 118,000 ticket holders already onsite, with revellers retreating to indoor tents or embracing the wet weather and sludge with gusto by making mud slides. As the main festival wasn't even fully underway by then, we can't say we'd like to be sharing their tent this weekend - let's hope they've brought some babywipes!

Michael & emily Eavis
Glastonbury Festival Organisers Michael & Daughter Emily Eavis.

Unlike everywhere else in the country, the rest of the weekend in the South-West is set to be mild, but not exactly toasty, with mean temperatures of 18°C combined with average windspeeds of about 15mph: so that little weather forecaster's cartoon of a grey cloud will pretty much sum up the weekend. 2009's extreme weather saw torrential downpours and thunderstorms lighting up the valley but was followed by 2010's glorious sunshine, which caused sunstroke and dust problems. Punters have a whole weekend of musical, comical and performance joy ahead of them to distract them from any weather woes though. Saturday night will be headlined by The Rolling Stones who have described the Glastonbury headline slot as an experience they were "destined" for, with organisers Michael and Emily Eavis "thrilled" to have the legendary Stones perform.

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Glastonbury Festival 2013: Your Guide To The Biggest Clashes!

Smashing Pumpkins Nick Cave Michael Eavis Tame Impala Frightened Rabbit The Vaccines Haim The XX Bobby Womack Rolling Stones Primal Scream

With such a ginormous festival site at 900 acres, and plenty of drunken hoardes and muddy puddles to fight through, the simple act of walking from one stage to another can be a difficult task. Throw in a lost mud-sucked welly and inebriated disorientation and you haven't a hope in hell of deftly navigating your way in between acts - even with that overpriced festival lanyard you spent half your first day's budget on.

Glastonbury returns in 2013 after having taking a well needed break in 2012 - the Eavis family, the cows and the grass all had a rest whilst the portaloos and crowd barriers were in London for the Olympics. The festival this year marks it's revival with an exciting line-up, including The Rolling Stones, Mumford & Sons, Arctic Monkeys, Chic feat. Nile Rodgers, Chase and Status, and Public Enemy.

However, with all star-packed line-ups comes inevitable clashes: fan of both Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds AND Smashing Pumpkins? Too bad - they're both on around 20:30 on the Sunday with a good half mile hike between stages, meaning you'll have to forego one sullen frontman for another.

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SXSW Memorable Moments: Drunk Bully Gets Knocked Out (Video)

Justin Timberlake Prince Nick Cave Kendrick Lamar Depeche Mode South by Southwest

Ok, so this year's SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas, featured intimate performances from the likes of Prince, Justin Timberlake, the Sound City Players, Depeche Mode, Nick Cave, Green Day and Kendrick Lamar, though one memorable moment from 2013 appears to be making all the headlines. "Drunk bully gets knocked out" is a video that began pulling in the YouTube views midway through the festival, after one attendee captured an incident on the Austin streets on a smartphone. Of course, we don't condone violence, but isn't there something sweet about seeing a drunken bully stumble around hitting innocent bystanders, only to be given a taste of his own medicine? Sure there is.

After reading the video title, you just know what's going to happen. The only thing left to do is try and guess which of the SXSW festivalgoers gives the drunken bully a face full of fist before it actually happens. Eagle eyed watchers will have spotted the guy with the grey t-shirt asking his friend whether he has his back, around 10 seconds into the video. From there, he plans the whole thing out, waits for his moment, and BOOM. 

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SXSW Movers And Shakers: The Biggest Names And Best New Acts At South By Southwest 2013

South by Southwest Macklemore Solange Knowles Bastille Kendrick Lamar Nick Cave My Gold Mask Purity Ring Blue Hawaii Haim Metz

As the annual South by Southwest festival heats up over there in Austin, Texas, we’ve cast a jealous eye over the line-up and picked out five of some of the bigger names that you really should start queuing nice and early for and thrown in five hype bands for you, too, so you can get all hip with your friends, upon your return and start laying down all those “saw them first lines,” when they blow up next year.

First up, the acts that have already broken, that you really need to check out, or at least pretend that you did, if you were stuck in that queue for BBQ wings…

1. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – their ‘Thrift Shop’ song really blew up, especially online, where they challenged Carly Rae Jepsen’s chart record for ‘Call Me Maybe.’ No one can predict whether or not Macklemore’s going to be a one hit wonder or whether he’s got more up his sleeve, he’s known for putting on a good show, and all six of their shows are likely to be rammed.

Continue reading: SXSW Movers And Shakers: The Biggest Names And Best New Acts At South By Southwest 2013

"I’ve Nothing Against Miley Cyrus" – Nick Cave Explains New Album Lyrics

Nick Cave

In a recent interview with Alexis Petridis for The Guardian, Nick Cave explains the lyrics of ‘Higgs Boson Blues,’ which ends with the image of Miley Cyrus floating in a pool. The Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds song is taken from their forthcoming album, entitled Push The Sky Away (due for release on February 18, 2013) but Cave insists he’s got “nothing in particular against Miley Cyrus.”

“I don't know that she's face down," he explains to Petridis. "Maybe she's on a lilo. In some ways, if she is lying on a lilo then it's even more of a devastating image, considering the nature of the song and the absolute spiritual collapse that's happening all around her. No, let's say she's just on a lilo.” Cave goes on to explain how Miley Cyrus ended up becoming embroiled in the lengthy song (the album version is just shy of 8 minutes long) in the first place. “I was in Madame Tussauds with my kids and they were hugging Miley Cyrus's waxwork,” he explains. “Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra was in the next room. They were groping Miley Cyrus, and I'm going, well, hang on a second, you've got Elizabeth Taylor here. 'Who?' And that had some impact on me, and that's why she's floating in the pool." 

Watch a recent performance of 'Higgs Boson Blues'

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Coachella 2013 Lineup Announcement

Posted on29 January 2013

Coachella 2013 Lineup Announcement

Nick Cave

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20,000 Days on Earth Movie Review

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