Nick Cannon is already prepared for his twins' terrible twos.

Moroccan and Monroe, Nick's children with wife Mariah Carey, are set to turn two on April 30, and Nick joked he is keeping a belt nearby in case they get out of hand.

He quipped to Us Weekly: ''I got my belt out already! It's ready.''

Nick also insists he will be stricter on his daughter than his son because he doesn't want her to ever start dating.

He said: ''Oh, no, my son can date at, like, three if he wants, but my daughter, never.''

Nick previously revealed the twins are a handful and he and Mariah have to tire them out during the day to get them to sleep.

He said: ''We're parents first and foremost so it's all about taking care of the kids and making sure they're asleep by eight. They're tough to put to bed so we've got to tire them out! But luckily they usually sleep through the night.''

Nick also revealed having kids has brought him and Mariah closer together.

He explained: ''You can definitely have a family of two people but when you create humans together, it changes things. It's brought us even closer together Being parents creates a whole different dynamic, you make different decisions. But it really solidifies what a family is all about.''