Nick Cannon will vote for Kanye West for US President.

The 39-year-old presenter is supportive of Kanye's bid to contest the upcoming US presidential election and revealed he will cast his vote for the 43-year-old rapper.

When asked by TMZ what he thinks of Kanye's presidential bid, Nick replied: ''I love it'' and said ''yes'' when asked if he will vote for Kanye.

Meanwhile, Nick and Kanye have clashed in the past about Kanye's wife Kim Kardashian West but their former feud has been forgotten.

Back in 2018, Kanye called out Nick for talking about his spouse in a Complex interview, where he suggested it wasn't ''far off of a concept'' that Drake and Kim had slept together in the past.

In an Instagram post, he said: ''First of all, I want to address Nick Cannon. I understand that you used to date my wife, but you know, you get into an interview, don't mention my wife.

''If someone brings up my wife you say 'Ye, I respect that man. I'm not speaking on that.' Don't be making no suggestions like somebody f**k my wife.''

However, Nick previously claims the row was ''pageantry'' and he was happy to play along.

Insisting that it was part of Kanye's usual ''Yeezy promotion'', he said: ''I was like, I'm gonna play the game he's playing... 'Ye at his best... I was like, 'Hey, I'm happy to be a part of the circus. Let's get to it.'

''And obviously again, to the core, I consider this dude a friend... I stood up for him when it was the 'slavery is a choice' [incident]; I've always been like, 'Yo, that's not what the man was trying to say.'

''And I even said that to him, I was like, 'Yo, I'm always gonna ride for you, even when you're wrong, 'cause that's what cats who ride with each other do... But I think a lot of it was pageantry, at the end of the day.''

Nick - who urged Kanye not to tell him what he can and can't say amid the apparent feud - suggested the pair had patched things up quite quickly.

He added: ''We didn't chop it up about the issue. It was more about, like, 'Man, it's been a minute,' and kind of getting back to it. That's why I was like, 'Alright that [video rant] probably was more for the public.

''And he said what he had to say, and I actually respect what he had to say, other than the fact that, you know, demanding me what I can and cannot say.''