The Buffy the Vampire Slayer star entered rehab in June (15) to battle mental illness and substance abuse issues after being arrested three times this year (15) on suspicion of trashing hotel rooms and public intoxication following the breakdown of his short-lived marriage in February (15).

Brendon reached out to celebrity therapist Drew Pinksy, known as Dr. Drew, on on America's Independence Day (04Jul15) and asked for him for help as he could "sure use a pep talk".

Fans later flooded his page with messages of support, and Brendon has since written, "I've been fighting depression for what seems like my whole life. Time to live, love & laugh again. Thank you for the support... I can't tell you guys how much I appreciate your love and support through this really tough time. You're helping me more than you know."

A spokesperson for the actor also wrote on, "With the support of his family and friends, Nicholas is working toward his goal for a happy and healthy life. To all of you who have reached out to share your stories, thank you. Nick is reading your messages to fill his downtime with positivity. So many people suffer in silence. You are not alone."

On Monday (06Jul15), the actor revealed Dr. Drew had been in touch.