The Buffy the Vampire Slayer star agreed to make an appearance on U.S. series Dr. Phil to talk about his personal problems, which include a number of arrests and a stint in rehab earlier this year (15).

However, the interview went sour and Brendon walked out of the taping last month (Aug15). The show aired in the U.S. on Wednesday (16Sep15), and Brendon has now claimed he was unfairly portrayed.

During the show, MCGraw claimed to smell alcohol on the actor's breath and accused him of being drunk, but Brendon insists he had only been drinking the night before the show.

In a post on his page, he writes, "So... that aired. It was extremely sad that the producers decided to sensationalize and exaggerate the already-disappointing events of the past year, especially the events of the week leading up to taping... The night before the show taped, I got drunk. Drunk to the point I still smelled of it the following morning. I was very stressed about doing the show, and was very upset... I always have and always will take full responsibility for my actions... By no means am I a perfect person, but I am also not the monster as portrayed by this show.

"I am actively participating in treatment and remaining positive in the light of negativity. It will remain my goal to one day obtain the clarity and clearness of spirit that Dr. Phil demonstrates daily."