The 82-year-old actress, who portrayed Lieutenant Nyota Uhura in the longrunning sci-fi series, was admitted to a hospital in Los Angeles on 3 June (15) after losing minor mobility on her right side but she is now on the road to recovery and invited news show Entertainment Tonight into her Los Angeles home to assure fans she's going to be OK.

Speaking with a slight slur, she told TV correspondent Nischelle Turner, "I don't even remember (anything), and then I found out it was for real; something did happen."

Nichols insists she's feeling great as she recovers at home, stating, "I'm feeling the best I've felt in a very long time. I'm as wild and woolly as I've ever been."

She adds, "Things that I can't deal with and have no say over, I deny them. They're absolutely sure I had a stroke. I didn't have a stroke. I deny it."