Niall Horan has torn ligaments in his left foot after a boozy night out.

The former One Direction singer injured himself and has been left in a medical boot after drinking six pints and falling over a kerb while he was chasing after his cousin.

Opening up on the injury, he told his fans: ''I was about six pints deep. I was chasing my cousin, missed the kerb and went over my ankle.

''I snapped all the ligaments on the outside of my foot. I've got such ugly feet or I'd show the world how bruised it is.''

However, the 26-year-old star suggested the mishap was actually down to the layout of the street and poor visibility, although he admitted he was ''drunk'' at the time.

Speaking on Instagram Live, he added: ''I was running drunk and in these new streets, you can drive down them and they're also sometimes pedestrianised, they look like they're made to be pedestrianised.

''They are not like a real tarmacked street, so the kerb looks the same as the actual driveable road and there was a little kerb.''

Earlier this year, Niall was meant to be hitting the road with Lewis Capaldi for a US tour, which was sadly halted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the 'This Town' star had previously insisted he wouldn't be allowing his Scottish pal to be a bad influence after they enjoyed a boozy night out after the BRIT Awards in February.

He said: ''It's going to be a complete lockdown otherwise there's no way we will be able to perform.

''I have to be on stage for an hour and a half every night and I haven't made it easy for myself with the songs. They're all in high keys.

''There's no way I'd be good value for money if we were going on the lash all the time. So we're getting nights out out of the way now.''