Niall Horan will play a special Instagram gig for charity.

The 26-year-old singer has just axed his entire 2020 'Nice To Meet Ya World Tour' due to the Covid-19 pandemic but he has signed up to perform a free show via Instagram to raise money for the children's charity Childline.

Niall will perform on Thursday 9th April and will follow in the footsteps of Hozier and Dermot Kennedy, who have already taken part in the Childline/RTÉ 2FM live Instagram gigs.

President of the ISPCC, Caroline Downey said; ''The ISPCC mantra is never give up on a child ever, and child abuse does not disappear in a pandemic, if anything it increases. The stress among young people, being sexually, physically and emotionally abused and the added stress of the pandemic is putting huge demands on the Childline service.

''All fundraising has ceased, we are in dire need of the public support because 90% of our funding comes from the kindness and generosity of the Irish public. Through the support of all the incredible artists who are taking part and RTÉ 2FM, we hope that this new form of fundraising will enable us to keep our ISPCC/CHILDLINE service open and running 24 hours in these unprecedented times. Childline is a vital service for children in Ireland.

''And we ask if you can afford it please support us by donating €4 by texting the word 'childhood' to 50300 and if you have a little more to spare, please go on line and''

Head of RTÉ 2FM, Dan Healy said; ''2FM have partnered with the ISPCC over the last number of years and because of the 2FM Christmas Ball we have raised €600,000 each year for the charity. None of this could happen without the ISPCC president Caroline Downey.

''But this year we can't wait until Christmas for your help. We need it now. So the artists are coming to you live from their homes on Instagram and 2FM. Come on, dance and sing at home and share it on your social using the #NeverGiveUpOnChildEver and create Ireland's first ever remote festival. Please donate if you can.''