Niall Horan has started recording his debut album.

The former One Direction band member has recently released his debut single 'This Town' and is already working on his first LP, which he hopes will launch next year.

Speaking in an email newsletter the Irish singer sends out via email to his fans, it read: ''I'm doing the final bits of writing over the next couple of weeks and then it's time to record the album. Can't wait to share the album with you all.''

And Horan has revealed he went on a ''writing trip'' to Nashville, where he met with ''cool people''.

He explained: ''I did a writing trip to Nashville, which was amazing.

Wrote some good stuff and met some cool people.''

Meanwhile, Horan is grateful for the positive reaction to his latest track.

He said: ''Thank you for your incredible reaction to my first solo song. I'm simply blown away by the love 'This Town' is getting. You never fail to surprise me with your passion and support.''

Although Horan is grateful for the support and success, it still doesn't stop him getting nervous ahead of his solo performance.

He said: ''I'm doing my first TV performance this week on Graham Norton which is really nerve-wracking and exciting all at the same time.''