Niall Horan and Anne-Marie have hinted their hotly-awaited duet is imminent.

The 'Problems' singer revealed last year that she and the One Direction star decided to collaborate on music after bonding over their shared love of golf and that they had penned three songs together.

And it looks like fans won't have much longer to wait before they hear a track from the pair.

Niall took to Twitter to share a picture of himself and the cotton candy-haired pop star in glam attire in a pale green classic motor this week. 

The 27-year-old star simply captioned the snap: "It's happening."

Anne-Marie had teased that the pair's "voices sound really good together".

The 30-year-old star said in November: "It was amazing actually. The communication started to happen after I pronounced his second name wrong on the radio, and then we started chatting and I'm into golf and he was like, 'We need to go and play golf!'

"We'd planned to hang out with each other but never did, but then this session opportunity came around and I was like, 'Finally, we're going to be in the same room'.

"It was a very creative process and we wrote three songs so we've got a few to choose from.

"I'm really excited about that because I feel like our voices sound really good together."

Meanwhile, last year Niall revealed that his planned collaboration with Lewis Capaldi was not going well as they had been too busy drinking pints together to write songs.

The pals had been working remotely together amid the coronavirus pandemic, but the Scottish singer then travelled to London, and they spent their time catching up over a few beers instead of writing tunes.

Niall said: "We’re good friends. He’s working on his album at the moment and I’m just writing bits and pieces.

"He’s been down to London, made some pieces. We’ve had a few more pints than we’ve written songs and that kind of gives away the friendship more than anything."

The two musicians were also set to hit the road together last year for the 'Nice To Meet Ya' tour before the pandemic altered their plans.