Niall Horan is set to ''land the second biggest solo deal''.

The star's group, One Direction, are set to disband in March and while Harry Styles is being tipped for a huge solo career, 21-year-old hunk Niall is also rumoured to be planning his own album.

A source revealed: ''He's one of the most popular members in the US and could land the second biggest solo deal. He could get £4m.''

The 'Night Changes' singer could be heading in a different musical direction to his bandmates though, having been taking guitar lessons from iconic Rolling Stones musician Ronnie Wood and being inspired by the band's rock legacy.

The source continued: ''Niall loves rock music and became a really good guitarist after getting lessons from Ronnie Wood.''

However, there could also be other new ventures in the pipeline for Niall, having professed his passion for a whole range of sports in the past few years, even being a caddie for professional golfer Rory McIlroy

The insider told the Daily Star newspaper: ''There's even been talk of a sports promotion or marketing role.''

Meanwhile, global record label Sony are set to snap up Harry with the hopes of him releasing his debut solo record next year, just months after One Direction's as-yet untitled fifth album.

A Sony insider revealed to The Sun newspaper: ''Harry has always been One Direction's most popular member and it's obvious that we want to secure him. He's a global superstar.

''Everyone wants to know what his solo material will sound like, there's also a lot of pressure to get it right.

''Harry is a smart guy and is really good at surrounding himself with talented people.''