Newton Faulkner wanted to make his third album his best ever - for the sake of his one-year-old son.

The 'Clouds' singer says he really upped game for latest LP 'Write It On Your Skin' - a follow-up to 'Hand Built By Robots' and 'Rebuilt By Humans' - as he wanted little Beau to be proud of his music.

He said: ''Being a father is amazing. It Switches off a button that was turbulent before as things are no longer All About You.

''I tried to second guess what the side effects might be and thought it would make me much more obsessed with money, and that the music I made would have to make money, but the opposite has happened.

''It's made me want to make really good music and not compromise.''

Newton also said the process of making an album is never the same and he has enjoyed himself while recording this LP.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: ''Making an album is different every time. 'Write It On Your Skin' has been so open and fun that it's been a very new experience.''