Review of Write It On Your Skin Album by Newton Faulkner

Hairy, dreadlock-sporting, acoustic-folk maestro Newton Faulkner has made quite a household name for himself over the last few years. After enjoying mainstream success with songs such as Dream Catch Me (although many people asked would recognise that song, but be unable to say who wrote it), he's back with a new full length studio album, entitled Write it on Your Skin.

Newton Faulkner Write It On Your Skin Album

Write it on Your Skin is, in a nutshell, everything one would come to expect from a Newton Faulkner album. It's fair to say, he hasn't exactly pushed the boat out in terms of how the songs are constructed. It's typical Newton Faulkner, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Typical Newton Faulkner has a history of being great to listen to, so typicality isn't a reason to not give this album a fair shot. Clouds, the first single to be released from the album makes an appearance on the tracklist, and is definitely up there in the high points of the entire record.

One of the most instantly noticeable things about Write it on Your Skin is the fact that there's some lovely moments that really shine out from the rest. Sometimes it's an entire song, such as Pick Up Your Broken Heart, which is especially emotive, well put together and, on the whole, a rather special song. Other times, it's specific sections of the songs, such as the intro to title track Write it on Your Skin, which is brilliant.

What's especially good about this album is that there's nothing specific to have an issue with. Every song, whilst different, is enjoyable to listen to which is fast becoming Newton Faulkner's trademark. The songs are lyrically emotive, wonderfully constructed, beautifully played and sung. Roll all that into one, and a listener ends up with something really special.

Issues - few and far between. Faulkner knows his stuff and knows how to make beautiful music. If one was to nitpick, it can be said that it won't be to everyone's tastes, and with others it will only be fit for them to listen to at certain times. Put it this way, don't listen to it in the car after a hard day, it will put you to sleep at the wheel. It's not fair to take away from the release itself with this argument, though, Faulkner is hardly going to think 'this is lullaby-esque, music; I don't want to be responsible for the deaths of tired drivers, better write something else.'

Write it on Your Skin is therefore set to become another unparalleled success for Newton Faulkner. It's wonderfully written, excellently played and packed full of so much songwriting talent, it's hard to know where to start. All that's left to say is that this reviewer hopes that he'll carry on exactly the same way for a long time.

Sam Saunders

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