Yungblud had his ''heart broken for the first time'' after his split from Halsey.

The 22-year-old singer has claimed he ''considered suicide'' when he ended his romance with the 'Without Me' hitmaker last year, because it was the first time he had been through the devastation of heart break.

Gushing over the 25-year-old singer, Yungblud - whose real name is Dominic Harrison - told The Sunday Times newspaper's Culture magazine: ''It was so weird when I met her. She gleamed with this attitude to life that was exactly the same as mine. I'd never met anyone like that. She just glowed. But the last year and a half has been mental. I nearly lost my mum in a car accident. I got my heart broken for the first time, which changes you a lot. I considered suicide.''

Following her split from the 'Weird!' hitmaker, Halsey - who has also romanced G-Eazy - began dating actor Evan Peters, as she vowed never to date another musician, because they always end up talking about work.

She said: ''A friend of mine - another female artist who has been criticised for dating a lot of people - said, 'Ashley, you need to live your f***ing life and ignore what people say about you.'

''And so now I keep everything to myself in terms of my romantic relationships. I will say that it's good to not date another musician as then your work follows you everywhere.

''Now it's my personal life so I get to go home to somebody that I love and spend time with them, and it not be about work.''

Halsey is since believed to have split from the 'American Horror Story' actor after deleting all traces of him from her Instagram account, and has gotten back in touch with Yungblud.

The 'Clementine' singer sparked rumours of a reconciliation when she posted a photo of her food on her Instagram Story last month and wrote: ''My first crack at making a Sunday dinner #YorkshireCertified. Supplies were limited. (sic)''

The British singer reposted the image and wrote: ''Can confirm.''

Neither Halsey nor Yungblud have commented on their relationship status.