Thursday's festive Thanksgiving episode of The X Factor USA made this years Thanksgiving one to remember for two people in particular, as both Beatrice Miller and Arin Ray were sent home on this weeks episode, as the top ten acts were narrowed down to eight.

It was double trouble for Britney Sears this week too, with Miller and Ray both being under her tutelage. There was little Brit could do for them either, with the judge and mentor telling Ray to think of his time on the show as “a learning experience,” when he was made the first person to get given the heave-ho from the show.

That meant that there was still a final two to face elimination, with youngster Beatrice Miller squaring up with CeCe Frye. Frye performed her own rendition of Kelly Clarkson’s 'Because of You,' and sang it to perfection, which turned the heat right up on Miller, heat you could see getting to the 13-year-old. Performing Dido's 'White Flag', she delivered an equally impressive performance but alas, it just wan't meant to be. The judges cast their vote, Britney said CeCe, the rest chose Bea. We'd be very surprised if the youngster didn't end up finding fame at some point in her life though, she's got the talent, just not the time to work on it properly yet.