Ever since the concept of time was dreamed up by the human race, mankind has been writing songs about it. It's a universal idea that ties us all together, and while not every country sets the time in the same way there's nonetheless a mutual understanding that keeping time is important in everyday life - which is exactly the reason why we have a world clock.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

The word "time" is the most commonly used noun in the English language, so it's no wonder that there are endless songs with lyrical associations. We're constantly looking into the past and pondering the future, and time is not just a scientific measure of the process of life, but also an instinctive control that we put on actions.

Whether it's Time to Say Goodbye (as sung by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman) or Time to Pretend (in the words of MGMT), we have our own clocks when it comes to our own lives. Our mealtimes are our own, and only we can decide the right time for various life milestones from leaving home to getting married.

Perhaps most of all, we can relate to the desire expressed in Cher's song If I Could Turn Back Time; that all actions have consequences and our more serious mistakes can never be taken back. That's why there's always a right time for everything.

But the great thing about time is that it's the world's greatest healer. Whether it's heartbreak or a literal injury, the pain and struggle gets easier as time goes on. Eva Cassidy said it best in Time is a Healer: "If time is a healer / And all hearts that break / Then all hearts that break / Are put back together again."

Time is also the one thing that goes on forever (it IS forever), and yet it's the one thing we are all sure to run out of, as Muse warned in Time is Running Out

So whether we're reflecting on the past ((I've Had) The Time Of My Life) or looking forward into the future (The Times They Are A-Changin'), time is the thing that holds our lives together, the thing that brings comfort and excitement, as well as dread and tragedy. It's our connection to everyone as we talk about "times of uncertainty", especially in the current political, social and health climate. And it's what gives us the impetus to make things better. 

As the Foo Fighters once said: "It's times like these you learn to live again."