Slots are one of the most popular online games. Millions of players enjoy slots on a daily basis. 

One of the reasons that online slots are so popular is the high RTP (return to player). You will usually see an RTP of about 92-97%. 

So what can make an already popular game, and make it even more popular? Music!

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Innovation in Slots

Since online slots are some of the most popular games played, it makes sense they are the most innovative. 

Slots themselves are simple to play, so you might think there just isn’t enough scope to be ‘cool’. 

Game developers and casino websites like online casino Canada, have produced some of the most interesting and exciting slots games over the last few years. 

Changing the themes, the music, the speed, and the music. While still keeping the heart of slots the same. 

How do you play slots?

1. Choose your game.
2. Check the paytable so you know which symbols payout.
3. Choose your bet, and decide how many paylines.
4. Click spin. If you win, you will be notified and able to play for bigger prizes.
5. Play as long as you like, or your budget allows.

A short history of music in gaming

The first game with sound in it was Pong. Pong features an FM synthesis that was created some years earlier. 

Although there were other games that had some sounds they weren’t classified as music. 

A slightly more melodic soundtrack was featured in the Namco, 1980 release Rally-X. The 80s saw a lot of advances in the use of music to accompany gaming. 

By 1989 The Streets of Rage gave us an insight to what music in games could sound like and many suggest this game and the composer for the game Yuzo Koshiro were responsible for the use of dance music in video games. 

There is little difference between the music in modern games and the music we stream on a daily basis. 

Composers crossing over between both. The music is designed to keep us in an immersive gaming experience. 

As consoles, PCs, handheld consoles, and mobile phone sound technology have improved so has the music we can enjoy while playing games. 

The casino world has also hugely benefited from the use of music. From making the gambling movies more exciting to giving land-based casinos a great atmosphere.

Photo Credit: UnsplashThe sound technology of many devices has improved which has helped improve the music in games we enjoy playing.

What does the music in games add to the gaming experience?

There is more to the music in a game than just listening to something cool. The music chosen has an impact on the entire gaming experience. 

Many popular games release the entire soundtrack as albums - 

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 2011
Final Fantasy VI 1994
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2017

The above are some of the most popular, and regularly streamed on Spotify, Bandcamp, and Apple Music. 

Slots are no strangers to having huge musicians associated with them either. Guns ‘N’ Roses, Motorhead, and Kiss to name just a few. 

Music changes through the gameplay. When a boss is coming up, it will help elevate your excitement becoming faster and more intense. 

Horror games have music that is eerie, filled with rattling chains and scary moans. Adding to the fearsome experience.

Doom is a perfect example of switching between intense music throughout the action, and then almost silence in the quiet moments. 

Grant Kirkhope, a well-known gaming music composer, said the impact of music in a video game tells us how we are supposed to feel, whether it be scared, happy, sad, whatever emotion it is.

Music changes how we interact with the game and gives us a visual, interactive, and audio experience. 

Photo Credit: PixabayMusic can help how we interact and feel when playing a game.

The most popular slots with music

Slots are known for being fast-paced and a lot of fun. So it makes sense that some of the most well-known musicians’ music are themes. 

The musical-themed slots don’t just have music to make them popular. They have free spins, unique symbols, and bonus rounds you won’t find on any other slot machines. 

They bring something new and exciting to the game. 

Here are the most popular ones:

Micheal Jackson, King of Pop, features some of the most popular songs of all time. Beat It, Billy Jean, Smooth Criminal, and Bad. Micheal himself appears as the bonus and jackpot symbol. 

You might also recognize iconic glove and hat symbols too. 

The Micheal Jackson King of Pop features a few unique features: Moonwalk Wilds, Beat It free games, and sticky wilds with Smooth Criminal.

If you like it a little heavier, then Motorhead is the game for you. You even have the opportunity to activate rock mode. This themed slot plays some of the classics like Killed by Death, Overkill, and Iron Fist. 

Every spin will activate the Mystery Reel feature and stacks up symbols that can transform into others. 

Ozzy Ozbourne is a rock and roll legend, so it is not surprising that he has a themed slot. The style of play feels like you’re Ozzy himself. 

Black roses, skulls, crucifixes, and ravens are the lower value symbols, and Ozzy himself is the high payer.

Of course, you get to enjoy some Black Sabbath tracks, Crazy Train, and Bark at the Moon. 

Music makes the game

Think about your favorite game. It might be on a console or your mobile; playing it in silence just isn’t the same. 

The music brings a new layer to the enjoyment and experience. It’s not hard to see why musical-themed slots are so popular. 

The music used within our favorite games makes the experience more enjoyable. Game developers and composers are bringing a visual experience into an immersive experience. 

Long live the union of music and gaming.