Casino operators, both online and on-site, keep improving their games and attracting more people around the world to come and play. These casinos are creating diverse game types that will allow you to gamble or play online or in a physical casino. Games like blackjack, baccarat, slots, craps, roulette, poker, and more are made for everyone at legal age to enjoy.

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Because of the industry's rapid growth and the increasing number of players, movie producers have been creating casino-themed films and earning a lot from them. These casino-themed movies are attracting a lot of moviegoers regardless if they are gamblers or not. It would be so nice if we can see a movie based on online casinos. If you haven't seen an amazing online casino yet, then click here now!

Meanwhile, below are the reasons these movies are always blockbusters.

It has unforgettable characters

One of the main reasons casino-themed movies are popular is because these movies normally feature popular characters. They feature celebrities who are known to be casino players in real life. Some of them are Jason Statham, Matt Damon, Nicholas Cage, James Caan, and many more.

It inspires casino players

Most gamblers get some inspiration from casino-themed movies. This is especially true if the main character in the movie is hitting high jackpots.

This inspires the gamblers to play in the hopes of getting reasonable rewards, too. Moreover, the movies offer useful insights to players on how to strategize well, and then they use it in gaming.

High-crime stories

Casino-themed movies usually feature high-crime stories. According to researchers, some land-based casinos are tied with criminal activities. With this in mind, most casino-based movies feature high-crime backgrounds. Fortunately, some viewers enjoy casino-themed movies because of the crime thrillers, regardless of whether the research is true or not.

Luxury lifestyle

Most casino-themed movies show the reputation of the owners to be criminals, having a luxury lifestyle. The high profit they make from running a casino let them spend extravagantly, purchasing luxury items and properties. This kind of lifestyle is appealing to many people, attracting them to watch the movie.

Cost of the movie

Millions of dollars are involved in filming casino-based movies. Casino Royale is one of the most expensive movies of all time. The producer spent around $150 million to produce the film. Spending this much on movies makes it the talk of the town.

The filming location also affects the cost of the movie. The location of the casino-themed movies makes them very attractive to viewers.

It affirms gambling myths

Most casino-themed movies include some casino myths. These include the gambling industry's criminal background, skills, and frequent wins. They also show that tactics and strategies in gambling are essential than luck.

However, most of these affirmations are fiction or not true, but they can make the movie more interesting and thrilling. That being said, most viewers believe in it and try to copy the characters.

Casino myths that gamblers should not believe

Hollywood has given the viewers a lot of misconceptions and myths about casinos. The following are the things most movies get wrong about casinos and gambling.

Casinos are not run by criminals or mafia: Some casino movies show that casinos are the front organization for the mob. While the mobs have controlled some casinos in Las Vegas in the past, casinos today are not like that anymore. For instance, some casinos in Las Vegas are owned by Native Americans and are highly codified and regulated. The profits from these casinos go to education, social programs and are usually reinvested in the community.

It's impossible to win millions of dollars by counting cards: Some casino movies, such as "21", show a group of college geniuses using their intelligence to easily cheat casinos. While this can be possible, chances are, you can only make around $10 an hour by playing $100 per hand while counting cards. To play $100 per hand, you will need around $20,000 bankroll. Real-life MIT blackjack team might spend days or weeks losing by doing such a strategy.

Casinos don't have goons to beat people: This is common in casino-themed movies. It is illegal for any establishment to have bouncers to beat a player that's trying to cheat. Most security guards in casinos are nice, hardworking individuals living normal lives, and the last thing they want is to hurt someone.

There are no "coolers," too: A cooler's job is to stop the winning streaks on the table. It was shown in the 2003 movie "The Cooler." It is said that the "cooler's" presence will give bad luck to the entire table. This is not true, and it makes no sense at all. If someone on your table is on a losing streak due to playing cards poorly or having a bit of bad luck, then it is what it is. These are not the doing of any secret casino employee. If this is true, however, you'd be glad that online casinos can't send a "cooler" in your home to give you bad luck. With that in mind, you should click here and check some awesome online casinos and try your luck!

Real-life poker hands won't reach millions: In the movie "Casino Royale," there was a four-way pot where players with two full houses, a flush, and a straight flush have a $40 million hand. The chance of having this hand in a real game is one in 18 trillion. On the other hand, "Maverick", a 1994 film, showed three players remaining in a pot with a straight flush, a royal flush, and a four of a kind. This scenario will never happen in a real poker game, yet some movies show these types of setups.

Casino-themed movies have become very popular with both casino and non-casino players. Hollywood movie makers are investing tons of money in creating these movies, making them more exciting.

While modern casinos have a better reputation than the casinos in the past, the movies are still portraying them as mafia or mob-owned businesses. Fortunately, these movies don't have any negative impact on the gambling industry. That being said, movie producers can keep entertaining the viewers with their amazing casino-themed movies!