We wouldn't be surprised if the number of people subscribed to music streaming services shot up over the next few weeks while most of us are stuck at home. There's nothing like a good playlist to lift the spirits, but there are so many apps to choose from that it's almost overwhelming. We've got you covered though with this brief overview, so you can decide which to opt for depending on what you want from it.

Photo Credit: PixabayPhoto Credit: Pixabay

1. You want to discover new music


One of the better streaming services for introducing listeners to new artists is Spotify thanks to their Discover Weekly playlists, and the 45 million+ library is not to be sniffed at. It's perhaps the most adaptable as it can be used on pretty much any device, and there's also a free version with ads for those with no budget.

Premium: £9.99/month
Student: £4.99/month
Family: £14.99/month

2. You use Apple products

Apple Music

It goes without saying that if you are one of those people that refuse to touch anything that hasn't been designed by Apple, you should probably go with Apple Music. It's not necessarily any better than its competitors in terms of sound quality, interface and song library, but it's useful if you own a lot of Apple products. Plus there are student and family subscription deals.

Premium: £9.99/month
Student: £4.99/month
Family: £14.99/month

3. You want excellent quality audio


The key positives to note with Tidal is the astounding audio quality of their 60 million+ song library, and their inclusion hi-res Masters tracks - but only if you're willing to pay twice as much as normal. There's also their ethos of being dedicated to making sure performers get a fair cut of the profits. Unfortunately, the service is steeped in controversy over issues regarding false claims surrounding subscriber numbers. So you may want to do your research with this one.

Premium: $9.99/month
HiFi: $19.99/month

4. You have an Amazon Echo

Amazon Music Unlimited

While Amazon Music Unlimited might not be especially superior to Apple or Spotify apart from having an HD Music option, it is useful if you have an Amazon Echo. You can ask Alexa to play your favourite music (literally i.e. "Alexa, play my favourite music") and other vague commands to impressive effect.

Amazon Music Unlimited - £7.99
Premium: £9.99/month
Prime Members: £7.99/month
Family: £15.00/month 
Music HD: £14.99/month

5. You want music videos

YouTube Music Premium

There's no competition when it comes to videos and live recordings; YouTube is the best you're going to get. There's also a brilliant search feature for uncovering forgotten videos. Of course, you don't get brilliant sound quality, but it's well worth it if you love the visual aspect. 

Premium: £9.99/month
Student: £4.99/month
Family: £14:99/month

6. You love classical music


If you are a lover of classical music but are tired of trying to navigate your favourite compositions on streaming services designed solely for modern music, Primephonic is your lifesaver with its unique search function. You can search by composer, work, performer, genre and period, and the service even includes background information on classical recordings, as well as a side-by-side comparison feature so you can easily find your favourite versions. With a high quality lossless streaming option and over 3.5 million classical recordings plus a selection of major label material as well, it won't disappoint.

Premium: £9.99/month or £99.99/year
Platinum: £14.99/month or £149.99/year

7. You're outside of the US/UK

Deezer Premium

If you happened to live somewhere where a number of major streaming services are not available, chances are Deezer will be. It's available in 182 countries, has one of the vastest music libraries out of all services and even includes a lyrics feature. Like other services you can download songs and listen offline as well as pair it with a number of different devices including FitBit - and there's also a free version.

Premium: £9.99
Family: £14.99