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National anthems are meant to invoke pride and love among the people of a certain country.


They are played at special occasions and sports events like the football world cup, for example. However, some of the national anthems are so good and enjoyable, that people want to listen to them often and, if possible, live.


If you are one of those people, you might be wondering which are the best national anthems and where you could listen to them in person.


Here are the best anthems and some of the events where they are played.


Plenty of musicians and music fans consider this anthem to be the best anthem from South America and one of the best anthems in general. What makes this composition so enchantingly beautiful? Well, it’s simple, the anthem sounds like it was composed to be played in an opera for royalty to enjoy. A lot of modern anthems don’t have this kind of sound and this is exactly what sets Uruguay national anthem apart from the other anthems.


If you want to listen to this anthem live, you should try to attend sporting events Uruguay is participating in. Your best bet is the World Cup or Copa America.


This is probably one of the most famous national anthems in the world and for a good reason. The Star-Spangled Banner is a melody anthem that is easy to learn and sing. This is exactly why so many people love it, even those who are not from the United States of America.

If you are a fan of this anthem, you are in luck because the officials and hosts of many events in the US are more than eager to play it. You are most likely to hear it before the big sporting events and it’s usually sung by famous American musicians.


What can we say about this wonderful anthem? Saying that it’s probably the most powerful national anthem ever composed wouldn’t be an exaggeration.


The powerful emotion this anthem can produce just proves how great and proud this country is. When it comes to the composition itself, it’s no wonder it’s so good. After all, this country gave us great composers like Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Igor Stravinsky.


If you’re wondering where you can listen to this anthem live, you can visit Russian theaters or go to sporting events, like the football World Cup or European Championship to support the Russian national team.


The national anthem of Italy, also known as Fratelli d'Italia is definitely one of the proudest anthems and songs you’ll ever hear. Even if you don’t live in Italy and have no connections to this beautiful country, you will probably shed a proudful tear while listening to this masterpiece.


You can hear it in person whenever you are watching the Italian national team live. Italians are proud people and once you hear this anthem live, you will understand the love they have for their country.