Nowadays, every serious professional is always looking for new practical methods to improve his or her work performance, to maximize his or her productivity over a certain period of time, or even simply to find the right concentration needed to be employed during a time of study, during the reading of professional manuals or textbooks for professional development, and in all those circumstances in which the person, having to concentrate for a certain period of time in order to study or to complete a particular task, has to practically isolate himself from the world, entering a magical dimension in which only calm, serenity and imperturbability find their place.


The need for diversion


It is curious how most people always try to find the right concentration through some extremely practical methods, such as temporarily focusing our thoughts on a particular object, or on something we hold in our hands that serves as a mental handhold so that we do not let the concentration of those particular moments fade away.


Each one of us has a companion or colleague who, in order to concentrate more effectively while studying or working, is accustomed to holding a tennis ball, baseball or other object of the same kind, and whose main objective is precisely to prevent the person's concentration from dissipating externally, extending to other objects that are in close proximity.


By holding that ball, or even throwing it into the air at a modest height, it is as if the field of our concentration is limited extremely precisely, with a perimeter drawn every few seconds by the ball's trajectories and our steps within the room we are in (assuming you are used to walking to find ideal concentration).


Unknowingly, by these small gestures we make while studying or working, we are effectively caging our concentration, keeping it within a clearly delineated perimeter and preventing it from escaping elsewhere.



A more ambitious method


All of these methods, which include a more or less overt interaction of the person with the reality that surrounds him or her (including objects), are included in the practical strategies for finding concentration, and are characterized primarily by the physicality of the interaction between the individual and the space that surrounds him or her.


However, concentration can also be found in other ways, including by avoiding firsthand interaction with the material objects that make up the reality around us. These methods do not involve the sense of touch, but hearing and our exquisitely intellectual abilities, that is, everything that has to do with our mind. The scope of these methodologies is much broader than the other, more purely material ones.


Listening to music while studying, or in the midst of carrying out a particularly complex work assignment, can have wonderful effects on the performance of the moment and the final results, decisively influencing our relationship with the mind and its ability to easily find the perfect status that promotes concentration. Music is just one of the many activities that can quiet the mind and trigger perfect concentration, prolonged in time and almost unassailable.


Listening to music for a good half hour, before starting work, could be an excellent method of clearing the mind of all the stress and agitation accumulated previously, leaving room only for that perfect state of imperturbability that is the fundamental and necessary condition for doing work perfectly efficiently. It is as if music, with its leveling power, is able to bring the mind back to its original state, characterized only by great calm and serenity full of fabulous possibilities.


Doing a fun activity before you begin to engage in your commitments, whether professional or educational, will undoubtedly be able to help you find the ideal state of mind to complete these activities successfully.


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By dropping into reality with great awareness, also thanks to the support of music and entertainment, each of us will be able to achieve our goals much more quickly and satisfactorily.