Dog owners know that dogs like music; this may surprise those that don’t own dogs. Music is created for our human pleasure, we love it for the feelings and emotions it can generate within us. But dogs love music too, maybe this is not as surprising as your think, our dogs are used to human voices in their lives just as much as we are. They look to us for verbal communication, and some dogs and their owners build quite an understood vocabulary. Rhythm can be seen playing its part in a dog's life too, a car journey can calm some dogs as they experience the rhythmic vibrations of the car and road surface, even stroking a dog gives the same repetitive movement and with it a calming effect. 


Research carried out by Betway online casino shines some light on our furry companion's musical tastes, their results show our dogs have definite preferences when it comes to music. The researchers gained valuable knowledge for dog owners by utilising fitbark, a dog-specific fitness and GPS tracker. The dogs were assessed while listening to or watching various media, the results from music exposure give an insight into the kinds of music and sound that our dogs love the most.

Music That is Intune with Your Dog

Of course as owners, those with dogs are usually looking to create a calm environment for their dogs at home. The research reveals the best genre of music to achieve this is actually folk music. This will come as a surprise to many who will assume classical music to take this place. Dogs exposed to folk music during the preceding evening slept the soundest, classical music did yield good results too, but folk music wins. An interesting and somewhat surprising contender here in the relaxation section is Jazz, which is equally as effective as classical music in giving your dog a restful night's sleep. It's no surprise to find heavy metal music trailing here, although we can only imagine how a dog perceives music, common sense tells us the combination of deep bass and loud lyrics that rock music thrives on won't sit square with our dogs tastes for relaxing music.

Choosing Music For Your Dog

Of course, we don't all love folk music, so filling the evening air with the sound of Bob Dylan may not appeal. With Jazz and Classical music scoring well above heavy metal, it’s possible to choose music from varying genres that your dog will appreciate. Jazz, classical and folk music all tend to have a somewhat slower tempo than rock music; this may be a factor in their success. Every dog and household is different so taking time to experiment with different genres and artists should leave you with a doggy playlist that will bring a great night's sleep for everyone.

Whichever music you choose, it can really help to relax your dog and for them to feel calmer so definitely worth considering if you want a happy, relaxed pooch.