Casinos and gambling establishments are known for playing beautiful music to create a warm ambience. They play all sorts of genres of music from classical to rock to hip-hop; the ideal selection differs depending on what atmosphere they want their customers to feel.

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What kind of music do casinos play? This question may unravel different answers for most people as music has the capacity to stir different thoughts and elicit different moods. Some people will associate the casino music with the classical romantic genre; it is nice and relaxing to hear while others would easily think of popular songs that are played in every casino they have ever gone to. The best new online casinos 2021 will let you choose your own music. 

Casinos play a variety of music based on their target market. If they want more customers, or players, they must know what attracts them to their establishment. According to online sources, casinos differ in their preference of music; some prefer jazz songs while some like rock and roll or hip-hop.

Princeton University researchers found that soft music and lighting can be used to manipulate people's emotions in order to get them to gamble more. Playing soft and slow music causes the heart rate of customers to drop, which leaves them feeling less stressed and calmer. This allows gamblers to feel less hurried, allowing them more time to enjoy the experience. This also causes the customer's breathing patterns and blood pressure levels to slow down, which reduces stress on their minds. Because gamblers are relaxed by this atmosphere, it makes them less able to make decisions involving risk taking. Because of this, they are more likely to gamble more frequently, because it's hard for them to say no.

Playing fast and upbeat music increases the blood pressure of the customer, making them angry and agitated. This makes it easier for owners to take their money by making them feel pressured and stressed, which makes it much easier for owners to win. 22% of the time that people play a game with fast music playing in the background, they end up winning money from their games. Fast music also causes customers to make "impulsive decisions," which is why casinos may prefer this type of music.

Casinos may play classic rock music to create a relaxed ambience. They call it "background music" because it plays continuously in the background so that players are not aware of it. Other casinos play music to entertain guests as they gamble, thus selecting songs by popular artists such as Eminem, Maroon 5, Sting, among others.

These establishments usually host live bands to perform on Fridays and Saturdays; this only happens in more upscale casinos and hotels. It is usually played in a live music area or outside. They may also have a DJ playing music for their customers, which is why it is not uncommon to hear rap and hip-hop songs from the speakers. This type of music creates an energetic ambience that keeps gamblers pumped up and excited the whole time.

While some casinos and gambling establishments play a wide range of songs, there are those who choose to play just one type of song based on its genre, "such as classical music or jazz." However, there are casinos that choose to "put a qualifier on it," playing popular songs from different genres.

Some casinos have mixed feelings about playing music in their establishment because of the disagreement between employees and owners. The employees always feel that music may attract more people and even increase their revenues; however, there is also the argument that playing loud music may annoy customers who want a quiet gaming experience.

However, most casinos prefer to play jazz because it has been proven to increase the amount of money that casino visitors spend.

Ultimately, the music played in a casino will depend on what the casino wants their customers to feel. Some may even have specific genres for specific days to cater to all their clients.