What are the best halftime shows at the Superbowl?

The Super Bowl halftime show is one of the year's most-watched musical performances, a tradition featuring some of the country’s biggest stars. Grammy-winning singer and superstar Rihanna headlined the 2023 Super Bowl halftime show this year.




So, if you missed it or want to relive the excitement, here are some highlights of the celebrations.

Michael Jackson (1993)

Michael Jackson's 1993 performance, widely regarded as the turning point for Super Bowl halftime concerts, set the standard for subsequent artists. The King of Pop's mesmerizing show, featuring hits like "Billie Jean," "Black or White," and "Heal the World," captivated millions of viewers and turned the halftime show into a must-watch event.


The excitement generated by such stellar performances elevated the halftime show's status and encouraged more people to participate in sports betting. As a result, wagering on various aspects of the game, including halftime shows, became an increasingly popular way for fans to engage with and enhance their Super Bowl experience.

Rihanna (2023)

As the first pregnant and wealthy performer at a Super Bowl halftime concert, Rihanna made history. Additionally, it was the first time Apple Music had sponsored the highly sought-after performance time. Her legion of white dancers performed Squid Game, while Rihanna performed Elmo in a red couture outfit. Although we were rooting for the superstar, her presentation lacked flair—no outfit changes, unexpected guests, and prop umbrella!

U2 (2002)

In the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks, U2's emotional halftime performance during Super Bowl XXXVI provided a decisive moment of reflection and unity. A giant screen showed the names of those who died in the attacks while the band performed their classics "Beautiful Day," "MLK," and "Where the Streets Have No Name." This moving tribute remains one of Super Bowl history's most memorable and heartfelt performances.

Katy Perry (2015)

The Super Bowl XLIX halftime performance by Katy Perry was a lavish production with ornate costumes, gigantic decorations and dazzling special effects. Perry opened the show riding a giant mechanical lion while performing her hit "Roar." Other memorable moments included her duet with Lenny Kravitz on "I Kissed a Girl" and a guest appearance by Missy Elliott. The show concluded with Perry soaring through the stadium on a shooting star platform while singing "Firework."

Beyoncé (2013)

Super Bowl XLVII's halftime performance by Beyoncé was nothing short of amazing. A medley of her classics, including "Crazy in Love," "End of Time," and "Baby Boy," were performed by the international diva.


The performance of "Bootylicious," "Independent Women Part I," and "Single Ladies" by Beyoncé and her former Destiny's Child colleagues Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams was the show's high point. This intense, high-octane performance cemented Beyoncé's reputation as a top performer.

Lady Gaga (2017)

Lady Gaga's Super Bowl LI halftime performance was an impressive display of her vocal prowess and theatricality. Gaga began her performance on the stadium's roof with a patriotic medley before going down to the pitch to deliver favourites including 'Poker Face', 'Born This Way' and 'Bad Romance'. The electrifying performance left fans in awe with its breathtaking choreography, eye-catching pyrotechnics, and undeniable magnetism of Gaga.


The Super Bowl halftime show allows musicians to add to their legend with a legendary performance. What this has meant over the years is that the halftime show has featured some of the most famous and talented musicians in the country—and at times, the genre.