British singer Toyah Willcox has credited acupuncture with ending her 40 years of insomnia.

The I Want to Be Free hitmaker began suffering disturbed sleep when she studied for exams as a teenager, and she continued to struggle after finding fame in the 1980s.

Willcox, 54, explored alternative therapies after suffering a bad reaction to medication, and since her first acupuncture session last June (12), she has finally been able to sleep through the night.

She tells Britain's Daily Express newspaper, "I'm teetotal and health conscious so I decided to look into more natural methods of curing my sleep problems. I drink Chamomile tea and use aromatherapy.

"I'd tried (acupuncture) 30 years ago for some joint pain and, while it was successful, I didn't think anything would help me sleep. However, I went along for a session in June last year and I was so relaxed I fell asleep.

"At first I went for a session every week but now my consultant says I only need a 90-minute top-up session every three months. Acupuncture has made all the difference to my sleep.

"Now when I go to bed at midnight I can sleep for seven hours. I have more energy and my brain feels more alert."