Compulsive gambling or gambling addiction has been in the loop for many years due to its negative aspects. People struggling with gambling addiction often require some sort of a support system in order to come out of their gambling tendencies and quit the behaviour. The inability to self-control one’s gambling urge has resulted in the making of movies for educating the masses about the outcomes of gambling addiction. 

Top Movies for Self-Excluded Customers

These movies will also educate those who decide to gamble at non GamStop casinos like the ones that are described on the list. Gambling must be treated as a leisure activity and not be dwelt upon for long hours. One must have other recreational activities in his life as well in order to avoid becoming a problem gambler. Watching a movie on the same subject helps in the identification of one’s problem and analyzing whether one needs professional help or not. 

Movies For The Self Excluded Punters

Mississippi Grind 

This gambling-themed movie was produced in 2015 and got a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, 77% on Metacritic. It also got a 6.4 on IMDB  and had a budget of $7.1 million. The movie revolves around the frailties of gambling-addicted punters who plan for a trip to New Orleans in order to win a big poker payoff. 

The plans of the players - Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck are toppled later on. In the end, the movie portrays how gambling addiction can cause regret and depression later on in life. 


It is one of the best movies on the gambling subject. Released in 1994, the film stars James Garner, Jodie Foster, and Mel Gibson and grossed over $100 million in the US. The movie revolves around Bret Maverick; who is on a mission to raise money for a poker tournament. 

His love for poker makes him scam the contestants for raising funds. However, he gets beaten up badly for his deeds and left to die. The movie is immaculately organized and produced to highlight the subject of gambling in relation to crime. 

Ocean’s Eleven

This is another film based on gambling and has grossed over $180 million in the US and more than $450 million worldwide. This film was shot in Las Vegas, the US gambling capital, and depicts how gambling addiction emerges. The movie does not highlight outright winners in the gambling scenes, but people can interpret that George Clooney, the lead actor, lost a record of 25 blackjack hands. 

The movie immaculately portrays that in a gambling situation, a casino house always has the benefit. From being in a prison and then straight into Las Vegas’s streets, George Clooney builds up a team that embarks on a robbing spree. They aim to benefit as much as possible from the top three casinos in Las Vegas which are the MGM Grand, the Bellagio, and The Mirage.

Casino Royale

Released in 2006, this movie is about James Bond, who stars as Daniel Craig. He is depicted as a fearless gambler with intelligence and strength. This is an action-packed movie and involves Crime, Assassination. It portrays how poker gambling dictates his life and brings about several twists and turns. 


This movie is another top gambling-related Hollywood production. One will be forbidden to access any casino if he tries to count blackjack cards. It is not illegal but there is an underlying controversy regarding the issue which can lead to a big swoop against a casino house. Ben Campbell aka Jim Sturgess learns the technique of counting cards from his professor at MIT who is played by Kevin Spacey with the screen name Micky Rosa. 

This movie is based on a novel titled ‘ Bringing down the house ‘ and brings in several twists and turns when Kevin and Ben meet Cole Williams. The secret gambling club is ruined due to several conflicts. This movie offers a modern perspective on the negatives of gambling. 


Gambling-themed films are produced to motivate people to come out of their addiction. They are everywhere from Youtube to Netflix and revolve around various aspects of casinos; gambling, slot machines; table games. More movies depicting the theme would premier soon and every gambling-related movie offers a moral in the form of a lesson directed at a gambling addict. 

These are solely made to motivate people to ask for help or feel determined about coming out of problem gambling in order to not ruin their lives.