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You might think that Bingo is the past-time of your grandparents in the local care home, but nothing could be further from the truth. Bingo is so cool, so on-trend, so cutting edge that it has been the topic of some great scenes in mega-successful Hollywood blockbusters.


We might have over-played the scene-stealing power of Bingo, but it is surprising how many high-quality films have included the game. Here are the best 10 to look out for the next time you browse your streaming provider.


#One: Inglorious Basterds

Who better than Brad Pitt to encompass the glamour of the number-based game! In fact, the real killer moment is stolen by Christoph Waltz, who plays Colonel Hans Landa and constantly exclaims “That’s a Bingo!” throughout. You might not see the two Hollywood talents marking their cards with a pen, the catchphrase was used with such gusto throughout to demonstrate the character’s passion - that we think the film deserves to come first in our list. The film is so popular that some film geeks now use this movie catchphrase themselves.


#Two: Hotel Transylvania

We love a bit of animation fun, especially when there are skull-shaped bingo balls included. This is just high-quality bingo drama, as the monsters in the movie play out the extreme competitiveness that can overtake the best Bingo games, as one creature devours the winning card held by Mrs Frankenstein. Might not try that one the next time you are down at your local Mecca!


#Three: King of the Bingo Game

This movie might not be high on your list of films ever watched - but if you love Bingo then you will love this story. It takes the viewer on an emotional journey with the central character, Sonny. He is a Bingo fan and hopes to bring home that major prize for his rather poor family. You can imagine that this is a bit of a tearjerker, rather than the comedy we have presented to date. However, it is always good to have variety and shows the emotional draw of our favourite game.


#Four: Bad Grandpa

Bad Grandpa is a Jackass production, so you can tell we are leaning back towards the funny - if not slightly ridiculous. The character of Irving Zisman is the comedy creation of Johnny Knoxville and he spends the movie creating chaos. One of the funnier scenes in the film is when he takes time to play Bingo. Things get a little strange when Zisman drinks the marker fluid (which is strangely not advisable) but does make for some crazy actions that test the limits of the other bingo players.


#Five: Better call Saul

Saul calls a bingo game in this film, much to the amusement of the residents of the retirement home. Saul is trying to bring about changes to his life - and calling a bingo game is certainly different. This is a great scene - mostly because of the vintage bingo machine that steals the scene from the actors - the big globe is a thing of beauty.


#Six: Babadook

We have done funny - a lot - and we have done true emotional drama. In Babadook we bring a little darkness to the game of Bingo. You might not think the fun game with two little ducks and legs eleven could feature in a film full of gloom and despair. However, the bingo game called by Amelia really does highlight the monotony of the life of the residents.


#Seven: Big Momma’s House 2

If you made it all the way through Big Momma’s House and was desperate for more, then number 2 in the series would offer the delight of a high-quality bingo scene. Momma takes the family through some of her much-loved past-times. At one point, one of the children who has been mute throughout suddenly starts screaming the word “Bingo!” randomly. You have to see it to understand the hilarious consequences.


#Eight: Beach Blanket Bingo

Time for something a little retro - or a lot, as this comedy comes from the 1960s - almost 80 years ago. What this serves to do is show the enduring popularity of Bingo. It is also a focussed on another enduring experience in life - a love triangle between highly attractive people in Hollywood films. There is a lot more swapped than the numbers on a line of a bingo card! There is also a mermaid that falls in love with a nerdy guy - just to keep the interest up.


#Nine: Bingo

A film from 1990 with a dog called Bingo… we might be stretching the Bingo theme as we fall to the bottom of our top ten - but this is still inspired by the call we give when we win. Shouting Bingo to the dog that ran away from the circus only to save a little boys life and then to experience abandonment as the family move away… Seriously, this sort of drama can only be compared to a night out at the bingo!


#Ten: Curb your Enthusiasm

Larry playing bingo with his dad in an old people’s home may technically have been a television programme - but it is a scene so full of quality that it had to make it to the list. This is a series that should make it to the big screen - in our strong and wonderful opinion!