Tony McCarroll has had a stent fitted and is doing "good" after he suffered a heart attack.

The former Oasis drummer - who was a founder member of the legendary group before being sacked in 1995 - was taken to a medical facility last week and admitted he wasn't "out of the woods yet".

He told fans on Twitter: "Hi All. Wanted to let you know I was admitted to hospital on Thursday after suffering a heart attack on Wednesday night.

"I'm not quite out of the woods as yet but just want to give a massive big up to our #NHS We are more than fortunate to have such a service! Thank you!!"

But in a new update, he told his followers: “Stent fitted. All good! Thanks for all you’re amazing support over the last few days. Who wants a race? (sic)"

The musician's former bandmate, Liam Gallagher, was quick to send well wishes to his friend.

He replied to the initial tweet: "Tony it’s LG hope your ok stay cool sending you love [heart emoji] (sic)"

Tony responded: "Cheers dude! Gonna be ok hopefully! Thanks for getting in touch! Big love! X"

Two years ago, the sticksman recalled how he had run into Liam for the first time in 20 years after they were invited to the same party.

He said: "We were all drunk and I just thought f*** it, I'll take the bull by the horns.

"I basically walked straight in and said to someone 'where's Liam?' Marched straight up to him and said 'oi'."

Tony sued the band in 1999 for £18 million which he claimed he was entitled to as part of their five-album record deal, but eventually settled out of court for £550,000 and agreed to give up any royalties.

And he later admitted he didn't want to take action against the 'Wonderwall' group.

He said: "With the band I was used to travelling, touring. I just needed to get away.

"The band were getting bigger, good on them, but I needed to get away from the whole thing.

"So I began to ignore and neglect a few things and got away.

"I lived in the States, Tenerife. Really I got drunk for three whole years. But at the same time the court case was all ongoing, so I'm trying to get away from it all but I'm also dealing with questions from solicitors round the clock.

"And that just wasn't me. I was a young lad, I didn't appreciate or care about law and litigation and I was just gutted I had to go through that.

"It dragged and it dragged and it dragged when it should have been dealt with in a much better way."