Three 6 Mafia's DJ Paul will sure be hoping that some mob contacts will be on hand to help him get out of this mess. The rapper, who is part of the Academy Award-winning rap troupe, is now headed to court in December after being arrested by officials on possession of an illegal weapon, according to TMZ.

The arrest came about apparently after the rather dully named DJ left a restaurant still swigging from an open bottle of beer. Drinking out on the street generally isn't cool in most places and so a couple of passing officers decided to ask him just what the ruddy heck he thought he was doing. Turns out he was doing exactly what it looked like: drinking beer out on the street. He probably should've just stopped there and let them take the bottle off him, but no, DJ Paul decided to let them know that he was also carrying a taser on his person. Nice one big mouth.

Tasers, like open beer bottles, are generally not cool out on the streets, or indeed, at all. Unsurprisingly the weapon was confiscated and the rapper was arrested and taken to jail. Pleading not guilty to the charges of arrest for an open container and possession of an illegal weapon, Paul will now be finding out his punishment not long before Christmas.