They could be anyone from those in the film industry, politicians to even footballers. And they own everything that you dream about - from a handsome amount of wealth, bungalows, to even penthouses. 

The World's Richest Celebs Out There Today

The world's richest celebs have their own charisma, which is what makes them the star that they are. They are loved by millions across the world, and for good reason. 

Let's take a look at a few celebrities who have contributed in not just the entertainment industry, but whatever they have done, and managed to create a niche out for themselves.

1. Steven Spielberg: 

The world-renowned director from Hollywood, hailing from Ohio this filmmaker, he does more than you can imagine. He is well versatile as an actor, and is among the richest celebrities today. All the movies in which he has worked have been a great hit and commercially a very successful one. 

His net gain is around three billion dollars today, a testimony to the fact as to how much his fans love him.

2. Oprah Winfrey: 

She is a well-known 64-year African American philanthropist, the actor famous for her show having her own name. She is the richest woman having an overall worth of around 3.2 dollars that she has earned from her overall career.

3. J.K Rowling: 

Known to create the magic with The Harry Potter series, she is loved by all age groups as an author. 

Her Harry Potter series has been a worldwide success even as films. While she had a terrible past, this strong woman overcame everything. Now, she is the best author and richest female author with a net worth of one billion dollars.

4. Madonna: 

Hailing from Michigan, this lady is known as the "Queen of the pop music" with a lovely voice and has contributed her best in the music industry. She holds the maximum number of albums, and she has a worth of around 800 million dollars!

5. James Cameron: 

He is another world-renowned filmmaker who has given the best films also highest grossing films in Hollywood. He is the creator of several documentaries, and he has a net worth of about 700 million dollars.

6. Jimmy Buffett: 

He is a popular singer with a net worth of about 600 million dollars. If you aren't listening to his country music, you are probably seeing him as an actor or a businessman. He is one of the more versatile celebrities around. 

7. Tom Cruise: 

The heartbeat of many women! This man with a mesmerizing personality and a lovely smile is a famous actor who has stolen the hearts of many female fans. He has a net worth of 550 million dollars!

Most celebrities today earn more than a few million dollars each year. More fans, after all, translate to more money for them! Which of these is your favorite celebrity? Let us know in the comments below!