The cultural impact of 'The Walking Dead' is something undeniable. Across seven seasons to-date, the series has told the story of the zombie apocalypse befalling the United States of America, with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his band of fellow survivors doing their best to traverse the dangerous locations that surrounded them.

Michael Cudlitz as Abraham in 'The Walking Dead'Michael Cudlitz as Abraham in 'The Walking Dead'

One of those survivors was Abraham, played by Michael Cudlitz. Introduced in 2014, the character was doing whatever he could to get his at-the-time close friend Eugene to Washington DC; a place Eugene said he would be able to discover what was going on with the zombie outbreak. Later being revealed to be a liar, Eugene remained with the survivors, but following the takeover of The Saviors - the leader of which murdered Abraham - he was taken with them and joined as their chief engineer.

Abraham had lost a lot of his motivation when he found out Eugene was lying about potentially saving the world, but he had easily worked his way into the hearts of everybody watching. So, when he was taken out by Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), viewers were upset. There could however be scope for the character to return in the near future.

Speaking with Cinema Blend, the actor explained: "I would strongly consider whatever the show came at me with at any point. I had a great experience with the show. As long as they keep telling stories the way they’re telling them, which I feel is amazing, I’d be open to anything as long as it worked with my schedule, obviously. I’m on the other side of [the show’s current story]. But I would certainly come back and play if they wanted me to. I think that any of that stuff, that origin story, or why people are making certain decisions. You could trace it back to our earlier group if that helps, do that. That could certainly be explored, and the audience would love it, because that’s how we tell the stories. It wouldn’t be something that was manufactured just to bring characters back. We do flashbacks on the show. We have since the beginning. So yeah, all that is definitely a possibility. There’s another character that I think would be back before me. But who knows?"

Whether or not the comeback will take place remains to be seen, but what we do know is that Abraham won't be raised from the dead in a ridiculous plot twist. If he's coming back, it'll be to serve as a component of a flashback, and exactly where that would fit into proceedings would take a major working. We'll see what happens with this one...

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'The Walking Dead' season 8 begins October 22 on AMC in the US and October 23 on FOX in the UK.