Rock fANS

Over the years, music and gaming have combined beautifully well to create thousands of titles that have elevated certain categories of gaming. After all, video game music often sets the tone for what lies ahead in a particular gaming product, right? Additionally, there is even video game music that comes from the game itself, with stories containing fictional bands and musicians as they embark on a variety of music-filled adventures.


For many avid gamers, there has been a selection of games that have featured some memorable music. For example, when assessing the rise of online casino gaming, music-themed games have always appealed, with gamers making use of online casino bonuses before playing a title from a much-loved romantic comedy that has some instantly recognisable songs, such as Grease. Music has certainly crossed over to the gaming sphere on a number of occasions, but it’s the tunes that come from the gaming world itself that we’re focussing on. Although these tracks can’t be purchased on Spotify and have never frequented the charts, for some gamers, these fictional bands, singers and musicians are impossible to forget.


The Sex Bob-Ombs


Also found in both the novel and the film, the Sex Bob-Ombs are from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game as they play a number of killer tracks while attempting to summon a hugely powerful yeti that is capable of causing destruction. While the game is far from perfect and nailing this particular move in multiplayer mode is a challenge, it’s hard not to warm to The Sex Bob-Ombs.


Runaway Five


A game many Nintendo fans will remember, Earthbound provides players with a rather unusual look at American culture. In the game, Runaway Five are particularly prominent, with the six-person jazz group clearly taking much of their inspiration from the world-famous band, The Blues Brothers. Appearing throughout the game, the band’s seemingly never-ending debt problems are always eased thanks to help from Ness. As far as fictional bands go, Runaway Five are great.



Koffing And The Toxics


Pokemon gamers will certainly be familiar with one of Ash Ketchum’s most formidable opponents. Featured in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, Roxie is a character from the Unova region that is essentially a rock star who uses her musical masterpieces to combine with her toxic powers to create a devastating attack. With Rosie’s band, Koffing And The Toxics, appearing throughout the game and aiming to destroy Ash and his progress, she’s hard to forget.


Kass The Bard


After making their debut appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Kass The Bard instantly became a much-loved character. Zelda games have always featured music prominently throughout the various versions of the games, but Kass and its accordion playing is a character that many gamers remember fondly. As players would advance through the game and explore its large open-world map, Kass would occasionally pop up with a delightful song that provides numerous clues for a nearby puzzle. In terms of iconic gaming music, Kass The Bard is a legend.


K.K. Slider


A leading figure from the Animal Crossing series of games, K.K. Slider is one of the most famous fictional singers from the gaming arena. Society generally loves dogs anyway, but a dog playing a guitar? Yes, please. Often seen on Saturdays in the massively popular game, K.K. Slider is always open to requests as he and his acoustic guitar aim to showcase their music to the town’s population of locals. The talented canine actually has a solid singing voice too, adding nicely to what is already a pleasurable gaming experience.