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Whether you play in person or online, casinos are one of the most popular places for people to spend their free time. With so many different games to choose from, there’s something that suits everybody’s taste.


Music is something that also plays a big part in our lives. We love to watch it live, listen to it on our way to work, or even create our own. Music is all around us and we spend a lot of our waking moments actively listening to it or having it in the background.


But how does music impact how we feel and our behaviour? We don’t often stop and think about how it is dictating our moods, especially when the music is chosen for us.


We’re going to be looking into music played in casinos both in person and at an online casino. And we’ll also be investigating how this might impact our moods and behaviours when we’re gaming.


What type of music is played in casinos?


The type of music playing depends on the casino you’re in. There are a lot of casinos out there who have their own playlist playing and the type of music will depend on the time of day.


Typically, there is more relaxed music in the morning. Still upbeat and uplifting, but less intense than it might be in the evening. Moving through to the evening, a casino might adapt their playlist to be more upbeat.


As the night progresses, especially for a Friday or Saturday night, this will typically move onto some kind of dance music. It could be anything from old school disco music to a funkier type of house music.


Another option that some casinos go for is having a DJ in the casino to dictate what music should be played. This is usually at the more upmarket casinos, or casinos that are attached to a hotel.


A DJ is great as they can read the crowd and play songs accordingly. They also might be taking requests if you’re lucky! This is more likely to give gamers a good time as they are having a tailor-made experience.


Some casinos will have a live band on certain nights which is always a hit with the crowd. Live music is always a good way to get a crowd going and have a good time. The only downside is that they might forget about the games altogether!


Live music invokes a party atmosphere that makes people want to stay on and keep dancing.. People can have a drink and a dance - the perfect way to spend an evening.


What impact does music have in casinos?


The more upbeat and exciting the music is, the more people tend to enjoy their gaming experience. Music is very good at keeping us motivated and involved - that’s why they play such upbeat tunes at a gym!


The right music can set the tone for the evening, or whatever time of day you happen to be there. The music improves the ambience and can dictate how adventurous you’re feeling when you’re playing.


Difference between online casino music and land-based casino music


Online casino music tends to be different to the music you’d hear in a land-based casino. The music is typically made to fit the game, rather than the mood of the people in a land-based casino.


While a lot of casinos will have music that adapts to the mood of the gamers through a DJ or live band, the music at an online casino is prerecorded. The effect of this is that there might be music on a game that you’re not a huge fan of, or you wouldn’t choose to listen to.


But this is the same for any kind of game. The people who make the game make an informed decision based on the game they have made. If it’s a game that is colourful and fast paced, then they will make the music match that.


After all, no one wants to be lulled to sleep by the music on a game. They are playing to be entertained and excited, so the music will also be upbeat and fun.


The music at casinos both online and in person can improve your enjoyment of the game. It can help you get into the groove and make you more excited about the game in front of you. What music do you like to hear when you’re gaming?