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Yes, the confirmation is real. Rotterdam Eurovision Song Contest will commence on Tuesday 18th of May, with the final taking place Saturday 22nd. Here you will learn more about the competition and the build-up as we share details on the main event, the countries taking part, and what their odds are of taking the 2021 title as Eurovision Song of the year. 

If you are not up to date with what is going on, then let us fill you in with all the latest news directly from the event organisers. 

A Different Kind of Contest in More Ways than One

Last year a press release came out to inform everyone how this year’s contest will go ahead despite the ongoing case of a global pandemic due to Covid-19.

It stated that the Eurovision Song Contest will still definitely be returning to our screens in 2021 and will present 2 semi-final programs, and the grand final that will take place on May 22nd where the new winner can claim the crown and best Eurovision song of 2021.

Right now, there are four proposed scenarios that are being discussed between the EBU, the Dutch Broadcasters, NPO, AVROTROS, and NOS on how this year’s competition can be presented to a worldwide audience. 

Plan A: No Change to the Eurovision Song Contest. 

This situation would see the Eurovision Song Contest retain its normal production of playing inside the Rotterdam’s Ahoy Arena. This would include an audience, delegations, and the artists. This scenario is highly dependent on the success of the latest Covid vaccines that are currently being administered. 

Plan B: A Socially Distanced Eurovision Song Contest.

The Eurovision Song Contest would continue as normal with social distancing procedures in place. There would still be 9 shows, with the audience in the arena, but limited capacity to allow people to adhere to the 1.5m rule.

The artists and those taking part would have to limit the delegation numbers, along with the press. There would also be a new seating layout and a draw will take place for those wishing to attend the shows.

Plan C: A Travel Restricted Eurovision Song Contest.

With the implementation of Plan B, in cases where artists and delegates cannot travel, they will perform from their own country which will be broadcasted with all other performances. In cases with no travel restrictions, the show will continue in Plan B’s scenario. 

Plan D: The Eurovision Song Contest Locked Down.

Should the Netherlands, be in lockdown at this time, there will be no audience participation and artists will have to perform from their own countries. This will mirror how the Junior Eurovision Song Contest went ahead in November. 

What remains the same throughout all of this is the Eurovision Song Contest theme that will remain the same, along with the 2020 stage design. Presenters include YouTube star vlogger Nikkie de Jager, Edilia Rombley, Jan Smit, and Chantal Janzen all returning to host potentially newly formatted show.

Who Will be Crowned Eurovision Winner 2021

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There is never one clear winner when it comes to the Eurovision Song Contest, and when you think one artist has it in the bag, then there is a major shock, adding to this competition’s wow-factor.

So, to get a better idea of how the bookie’s favourites are to win, we spoke with Cartia Gustafsson, Editor-in-Chief of Swedish betting site “Going by the averages that are being offered by Swedish bookmakers, they have placed Sweden as favourites at 9 to 1. In fact, this makes no sense at all, given we haven’t yet picked our artist or song yet. Perhaps it’s a sign of how everyone assumes Sweden will always be better than anyone else as we are so passionate about the Eurovision. In 2019, Sweden actually came 5th, 164 points behind first place, so it was some way behind the winners, The Netherlands, who this year are second-favourites to win at 10 to 1.”

Sweden isn’t the only country still sorting out their representative. Those still in limbo include Armenia, Belarus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Moldova, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russian, and the United Kingdom have all yet to select an artist. 

Eurovision Song Contest Betting Markets

When it comes to Betting during the Eurovision Song Contest, there are 7 main markets that you can pick from.

Semi Final 1 Winner

Semi Final 1 Last Place

Semi Final Top 3

Semi Final 2 Winner

Semi Final 2 Last Place

Semi Final Top 3

Eurovision Grand Final Winner

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