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Studying music can enable you to be focused on a variety of music genres in addition to practical and theoretical modules. The UK universities offer opportunities for studies’ customization because many industry professionals and tutors have years of experience in music. 


During your studies, you can develop teamwork, creativity, and communication skills in lectures, practical sessions, and seminars. If you are passionate about studying music, consider various options in preparation for the next intake. Below are the five best UK universities for music. 

Durham University

Durham University is one of the best universities in the world, with outstanding distinction in scholarship and research. The university is committed to offering quality education in different fields.

The university's music department is also highly ranked with prestigious recognition in this field. The department has international recognition expertise in research in areas such as theory and analysis, music psychology, musicology, composition, music technology, and performance. 

The students get learning instructions from the most experienced and respected professionals in the conventional music business. The students who are passionate about music psychology can get a chance to listen to metal music during the practical lessons. 

The music department boasts a scholarship tradition and is regarded as a dynamic hub of intellectual and creative innovation. Students benefit from their music careers as a result of the department's sheer talent, artistry, and passion. 

Birmingham University

Birmingham University was ranked the best in 2014 under the good university guide. The university continues to display exceptional performance globally and it has truly built a name in the international higher education sphere.  

Birmingham University's music department is highly recognized in the UK and has a history dating back to the 1900s. Birmingham is a leader in the music field and is known for advancements in the study and practice of music.  

The department has world-class equipment and tools with a multibillion music building offering a great learning environment for students. It is fully equipped with conventional tools that students need to understand the technology and art of music

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Oxford University

Oxford University is a global leader in the higher education field and is recognized for research and teaching. It is one of the old universities in the native English world. The university boasts hundreds of years of history in music, with the faculty of music hosting the best collection of musical instruments and equipment. In addition to the practical lessons, students are provided with research opportunities, and more so by writing a thesis. 

University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is an international and reputable institution known for education, teaching, research, and innovation. It is for this reason that Manchester city has produced great British artists.

The University of Manchester offers music courses of high caliber, with diverse areas of study. It also collaborates with the Royal Northern College of Music to support students with a joint course that takes four years. The experts from a recognized music conservatory near the university support the students in their music lessons. 

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge has been consistently ranked as one of the best universities globally. The university’s faculty of Music hosts highly experienced members of academic staff and affiliated lecturers. 

The University of Cambridge is a center of excellence that is highly recognized in areas such as renaissance and medieval music and music of the nineteenth century. It is also known for popular music, opera, performance studies, composition, scientific music approaches, and ethnomusicology.  

The university has a modern school of music situated at the West Road, where students can fully access the specialized and elite facilities. The purpose-built school is a concert hall that houses student music-making and professional concerts. The students are granted opportunities to network and connect with the best performers in the music industry. 



The UK hosts some of the best universities for music and these may continue to be the leaders in the industry. The universities are well-equipped with modern facilities to enable students to learn to get theoretical and practical insights into their music studies. If you aspire to excel in your music career, identify a university with the specialization and specifications of your interest.