A Taylor Swift fan suffering a rare disease has asked the star to his high school dance - her second prom invite this year (12).
Devon Whitney, who has Oto-Palatal-Digital Syndrome (Opd), has taken to YouTube.com to ask the Love Story hitmaker to be his date for the prom in Aurora, Colorado in a bid to avoid cruel taunts about his condition, which causes abnormalities with regular growth.
In the clip, the 19 year old holds up index cards which state, "My senior prom is coming up and at first I didn't want to go. It just seemed like another opportunity for kids to be mean. And let me tell you, kids can be Real mean!
"But then I started to think... If I had a crazy beautiful date how could they possibly make fun of me? So then I started to think of who that might be? No ordinary girl would do. Then you popped into my head. I've seen you in concert before. And you're Breathtaking!!
"So I decided right then that even though it is a long shot, there's nobody else in this world that would compare to you as a date. So what do you say? Taylor will you go with me to prom?"
Swift was invited to student Kevin MCGuire's prom earlier this year (12), and the star offered to take the leukaemia sufferer as her date to the Academy of Country Music Awards last month (Apr12) - but the teenager was too sick to attend.