Tan France thinks Hailey Bieber has the "best style on the planet".

The 'Queer Eye' star loves the way the 25-year-old star dresses and would be delighted to style her in one of the coats from his genderless Was Him line and knows exactly what she should wear with it.

He told Teen Vogue magazine: "Hailey Bieber, in my opinion, has the f****** best style on the planet. I would want to put her in the cropped St. Helen, which is camel and has red horses on it. And I’d want to give her high-waisted, wide-leg ‘90s blue jeans, a little boob tube that has some kind of crazy texture, a load of gold jewellery, and a chunky sneaker."

The fashion expert is also a fan of 'Euphoria' actress Sydney Sweeney.

He exclaimed: "I love her! I would want to put her in the neutral plaid Ludlow. And then I would want to put her in a bunch of different shades of pink underneath. Maybe a pink sweater with a pink patent leather miniskirt, with a little pink boot."

If Tan had the chance to style Selena Gomez, he'd pair one of his coats with a bold leather look.

He said: "I would want to put her in the green Ludlow — which is a double-breasted coat with blue horses — and I would want her to wear a little black leather number underneath."

And the 38-year-old star would choose the same coat for Sydney's 'Euphoria' co-star Zendaya, but styled very differently.

He said: " I would want her to wear the green Ludlow with the blue horses [as well], but I’d only want her to wear it over her shoulders. And I would want her to have a dramatic A-line maxi dress for the red carpet. I would want it to be a really vibrant blue to tie in the horses. But it would need a really voluminous dress. Simple but gorgeous."