R&B star Tameka 'tiny' Cottle has confessed to undergoing cosmetic treatment to boost her butt.

The former Xscape singer/songwriter, who is married to rapper T.I., has become known for showing off her curves in photos on Instagram.com, and now she has revealed her figure isn't all natural.

She made the confession during an appearance on America's The Wendy Williams Show on Tuesday (25Mar14) when she was asked if she had "a natural booty or a bought booty", to which she replied, "It's a little both."

She stopped short of revealing exactly what she'd had done to her backside, but Cottle did state that she had previously undergone surgery to improve the look of her breasts too, adding, "They're bought. I've always had a lot of boobs (sic), but after three babies, they started to sag."

But there is one part of her body the 38 year old has decided against having work on - her nose.

She said, "I thought about it but it's my dad nose so I just feel like, you know, (I don't want to touch it)."

Cottle's father, Charles Pope, died last year (13).