Somalian musicians Waayaha Cusub are seeking asylum in the Netherlands after immigration officials in Kenya reportedly revoked their refugee status.

Frontwoman Falis Abdi Mohamud claims Kenyan authorities confiscated the group's refugee cards last month (Sep14) when they left Nairobi to perform at a peace concert in Amsterdam, effectively banning them from returning to their adopted home.

Mohamud, whose three children are still in Kenya, tells the Bbc, "They (Kenyan immigration officials) told me if I return they will put me on a plane to Mogadishu (Somalia)."

Government representatives have yet to comment on the allegations, but officials have been cracking down on Somali asylum seekers amid accusations they have been harbouring members of militant Islamic group al-Shabab, which has been responsible for a number of terror attacks in Kenya.

Ironically, Waayaha Cusub are known for openly criticising members of al-Shabab in their songs.

Dutch authorities are now reviewing the band's case for asylum.