Sofía Vergara and Renata Black's lingerie brand, EBY, has landed $6 million in funding.

The 49-year-old Colombian-American actress and her business partner's firm, which stands for Empowered by You, has been given a huge boost from the series A round investment.

Launched in 2018, the company "repositions underwear as a tool for empowerment rather than one of seduction".

And their bras and panties are unlike anything else on the market, as they are made with “no-slip-grip" technology, patented by the brand.

What's more, 10 per cent of profits from the sale of their pieces go to the Seven Bar Foundation, a non-profit that provides women living in poverty with loans to start their own businesses.

CEO Black told WWD: "The goal for EBY is that every single woman who is wearing leggings should be wearing EBY underwear. Hard stop, period.

“Why? Because I don’t care what product you put next to our product, we are the authority when it comes to seamless because of our technology. It’s a technology that solves the one problem that women have, which is riding, bunching or picking a wedgie where you don’t want to. So it’s really a performance-based product.”

EBY also prides itself on being size-inclusive.

Black continued: “How many brands are size-inclusive?

“It’s a given [at this point]. There’s representation, of course. That shouldn’t be a novelty. But being able to enable women to make an impact with the one decision she makes, that’s awesome. I can make an impact with just the underwear I decide to wear. There was definitely a hole in the market, because nobody was really doing that.

“People are now looking for more purpose within the brands that they’re supporting.

“Most of our demographic wants to have an impact.”

'Modern Family' star Vergara, previously said she knew she wanted their ange to be size-inclusive and fit every person's "need" and she hopes it will "empower women all over the world".

Sofia added of their shapewear: "Women want to be included. There were bigger sizes, there were smaller sizes that couldn't find the right underwear. So it's important to know what women need.

"When I found [Renata] and the company, it was perfect because it was not just for me to make money, but it was also to be part of a beautiful cause. We're trying to empower women all over the world. [The women we've helped] each have a very interesting and very heartbreaking story, and it's great that we've been able to give them a little push in their time of need."