New horror movie Sinister, starring Ethan Hawke is the latest horror flick attempting to glean screams from the movie screens. But does director Scott Derrickson achieve it? We check out some Sinister reviews so you don’t have to.

After trawling through the best reviews in town, we have to say, we can’t make our mind up! The Chicago Sun Times says: “Sinister is an undeniably scary movie, with performances adding enough human interest to give depth to the basic building blocks of horror.” Whilst The New Yorker says “Sinister is a joyless ride, and its frights are too contrived to be surprising, yet somewhere, stashed in the attic, is a much less foolish film with Hawke at its heart.” What are we to think!? “In its plot and even its title, the movie feels like a grab bag of every popular horror trope of the last 30 years.” Oh, thanks New York Times, but wait, hang on: “The movie is full of feints, shocks and scenes of particularly perverse violence, but nothing about it is fresh enough to haunt you in the night. It's predictable.” Oh no, TIME magazine just made our cinema choice difficult again!

With such conflicted reviews, it looks like you better hand over your heard earned cash, grab a fresh pair of undies and head to the movies to check it out yourself. Be ready to either talk about it for months, or regret the moment you said, “Hey, let’s give Sinister a try.” And that’s Contact Music’s review roundup. Happy weekend!