Many of us like a flutter, whether it be on the slots, placing a bet on table games in-person or online, or wagering on something that only comes around every so often, like the next President of the United States. Gambling is often described as a “poor man’s game”, but what about those famous faces who have got plenty of cash to put down?

Here are five musicians who have made a name for themselves in the gambling world…

Frank Sinatra

As one of the all-time greats, Frank Sinatra was obviously known for his singing voice, but he was also a major name on the gambling scene, striking up a close friendship with Elvis Presley.

The pair loved to frequent the tables in Las Vegas, undoubtedly causing a scene wherever they went and attracting fans; who wouldn’t want to share a table with two of the most iconic performers in history?!

Gladys Knight

Despite being renowned for her instantly-recognisable voice, Gladys Knight is also known for her love of gambling. 

She spent a decade honing her skills according to a book she published, but her love for the game didn't necessarily turn into profits. She lost a massive sum on Baccarat one night!

Having sought help from Gamblers Anonymous, we imagine Knight has left the gambling part of her life behind and now focused solely on her career in the music industry.

CeeLo Green

He may not be crazy as his song suggests, but CeeLo Green is somebody who loves winning money!

Are you really surprised CeeLo is a fan of gambling and dice games in particular? One of the favourites is Cee-lo, which is played with three six-sided dice; hence the name!


Nelly's said to be a huge fan of poker, having travelled around the world to take part in a number of different events. 

He took part in the 2007 Word Series of Poker, as well as the PokerStars European Poker Tour and the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure; though he didn't manage to triumph in any of them!

Actor Jennifer Tilly instead has been named as the first celebrity to ever win a World Series; she now focuses more on her career in poker than that of acting.


Blackjack is Diddy's game of choice, with the performer asked to take to the stage in 2012 when new tables were opened in Atlantic City. 

Getting the chance to be one of the first to place a bet on the new selection of tables, he's without a doubt going to go down in history at the iconic gambling location!

If you fancy checking out some PA sports betting, casino slots or even gambling live-streaming, make sure you always gamble responsibly, check local rules and restrictions regarding gambling and don’t ever bet more than you can afford to lose.