Two years after the release of his album 'Freaked Out American Loser', US punk-rap artist Juiceboxxx is set to release a new single, Coinstar Song, on May 10 through Dangerbird Records. He sat down with us to reveal the top seven artists who have influenced him most in his music career.


1. Big Freedia

Touring Australia with Big Freedia was a masterclass in American performance. Every night, I got schooled. A legend and a true pro, Freedia showed me how high the bar can be raised and just how crazy you can make crowds go if you know what you are doing.

2. Doormouse

Doormouse is a DJ and producer from my home state who now lives in Miami. There is a lot to say about the man - he is probably best known for making confrontational gabber and breakcore and performing it in an insane style, but I am indebted to the musical guidance he gave me as a tween, back when he owned a record store in Milwaukee. Also he is living proof that you can change your life: he no longer drinks and is now a proud father and nutritionist.

3. Paper Rad

When I was a kid, I had my mind blown by the east coast art collective Paper Rad. It seemed like they had a hand in everything: they would go on tours and play with noise bands but also do shows at fancy New York galleries and make videos that got played on MTV. Their aesthetic was loud and overwhelming, but also poppy. The fact that they crossed over and touched all these different points in culture is inspiring to this day. And they had the best website of all-time. 

4. Bruce Springsteen

Never dug Dylan growing up, but late in my teenage years something about Springsteen really clicked with me. His ability to twist the tropes of Americana into something deeply transcendent has been a guiding light in my life, through all of the insanity. I could go on. Watching classic Springsteen shows on YouTube is a spiritual experience for me.

5. Public Enemy

I went on tour with Public Enemy years ago and it changed the way I look at live performance and my own career. After doing a show that was more or less rooted in rap music, but always delivered with the force of punk rock, it was after this tour I knew I had to get a live backing band. And Chuck D's positivity and generosity was deeply inspiring. 

6. Odwalla1221

One of my favorite bands of the past decade. Deconstructed punk made with samplers, drum pads and vocals. This band sits in their own zone entirely and crosses over with all sorts of art and fashion communities, but to me they have the spirit of a classic underground American punk band. I was honored to put out a 7" for them a few years back on my label Thunder Zone.


I saw The Hospitals play live when I was 16. John Dwyer, now of Oh Sees, was in the band at the time. It was true punk rock carnage. Very physical and chaotic. Just absurd amounts of feedback. Broken stage lights. I remember Dwyer climbing up on the venue's jukebox and thinking the whole thing was going to come toppling down. Probably changed my life.