Savannah Miller always designs with a ''woman in mind''.

The designer - who is launching her own label, Savannah, following the success of her Twenty8Twelve with sister Sienna - says she wants her clothes to be accessible for everyone and it was important for her to create the label's identity straight away.

She said: ''These are clothes to wear every day that don't cost the earth and make you feel great. I really wanted the first collection to set the tone for the brand, so I tried to think of silhouettes and colours that could become synonymous with the label's identity. I always design with a woman in mind and find archive fashion very inspiring for detail. There was a gentle nod to the late Sixties in places, but generally we focused on making the collection really wearable and easy.''

Sienna left Twenty8Twelve in January, but Savannah insists they haven't completely severed their creative ties.

She told ''I was really proud of everything we did at Twenty8Twelve, this line is just a chance for me to step out on my own. Ironically, we worked a lot more together on this one than we have for a while because we were living together, and when I started designing I didn't have a studio so did most of it from her roof. I really value her advice and perspective because I think her style is amazing and she has a very unique point of view.''