British pop star Sandie Shaw only agreed to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1967 to repair her image after she was caught up in a divorce scandal.

The Message Understood hitmaker feared her popularity would take a nosedive when at the age of 17 she was named as the 'other woman' in a 32-year-old man's marriage split.

She admits she entered Eurovision with her track Puppet on a String in a bid to rebuild her public persona, and it worked - she became the first U.K. contestant to win the event.

Shaw tells Mojo magazine, "There was another pressure on me to do Eurovision... I'd been named as 'the other woman' in a divorce case, divorce was a big deal back then, no one did it. At the time it happened, I was 17 and the man was 15 years older than me, and I wasn't aware of his marital status so to be pilloried for that... everyone said, 'Oh look what sweet Sandie has done,' but I didn't have the strength to argue with anyone, so I did Eurovision to readjust people's views of me, you know, 'She's a nice girl really.' The hypocrisy bound around women then was awful."