For a while now, fans of 'American Horror Story' have known that there's a 'Murder House' meets 'Coven' crossover season in the works, with creator Ryan Murphy hoping to bring together the surviving characters from the first and third season in an undisclosed nature.

'American Horror Story' will return later this year'American Horror Story' will return later this year

Though the story details and plot are still being ironed out amongst Murphy and his fellow team of creators, they already have some big ideas about where they'd like to take the upcoming season.

One of the directions they're headed in would be to bring acclaimed actress Jessica Lange back into the fold, who became a huge fan-favourite staple of the franchise throughout the first four seasons. Now on a break from the show but making it clear that her options are open with comments she's made in the past, Lange would surely have to come back to 'AHS' if the crossover season were to be a success.

The anthology series' third season focused on a witch covenThe anthology series' third season focused on a witch coven

Speaking to TV Guide, Murphy explained how he may try and get Lange back on board for the eventual crossover season.

He said: "I think she would [return to the series] if I bribed her enough, you know? I haven't really talked to her about it at all because we are still figuring out that story, but I think we do want to do that."

Now the question turns to whether Murphy would like to bring back Lange's 'Murder House' character Constance, or the villainous and hugely powerful witch 'Fiona' from 'Coven'. With that being said, there's every chance he could have Lange play both characters in the same season. After all, he's already had Sarah Paulson play the conjoined Tattler Twins in 'Freak Show'.

For now though, Lange is currently starring in another of Murphy's television shows; the first season of FX series 'Feud'. Playing Joan Crawford, she stars opposite Susan Sarandon's take on Bette Davis, with the pair acting out the 'feud' the couple shared during their biggest moments in the spotlight.

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'Feud' doesn't yet have a UK air-date, but 'American Horror Story' is expected to return to FOX in the UK this coming October.