Russell and Laura Brand would ''love'' another child - but she's not sure her body is ''up to'' it.

The couple already have daughters Mabel, three, and Peggy, 21 months, but the 32-year-old writer suffered debilitating hyperemesis gravidarum - a form of extreme morning sickness which the Duchess of Cambridge also experienced - through both her pregnancies, which was so severe she was hospitalised, so she's wary of putting herself through it again.

Admitting the couple would ''love'' another baby, Laura added: ''But I suffered terrible, Kate Middleton-bad morning sickness for all nine months of both pregnancies - both times I ended up on a hospital drip - so we'll have to see if my body's up to handling that again.''

Although the 44-year-old comic previously claimed Laura does all the ''practical parenting'' in their household and he'd never looked after his kids alone for 24 hours, his wife insisted that is because she was quite ''controlling'' over the girls and the 'Get Him to the Greek' star is ''completely hands on''.

She told Grazia magazine: ''Russell's always been completely hands on. ''What he meant, I think, is he calls me 100% the boss because it took me a long time to relax into motherhood and I found it hard to let others in.

''The first time I spent a night apart from the girls was in December.

''So when Russell said he'd never looked after both children for 24 hours, it was simply because I was never out of the house for that long. But I'm learning to be less controlling.''

And Laura credits the 'Four Kids and It' actor for keeping their household calm.

She said: ''I can lose my cool. I feel what every parent feels. I overreact to tantrums. ''It's Russell who's very good at pulling me out of it when the girls have both been crying all morning.

''He'll be like, 'Take a deep breath, remember she's only three.''