A rock concert in Florida featuring metal bands Cannibal Corpse and Job For A Cowboy was evacuated on Monday (30Jul12) as police investigated alleged threats made against the audience.
The gig at the Ritz Theatre in Tampa, part of the Summer Slaughter concert tour, was delayed after cops were called in and more than 1,000 fans were ushered out of the venue and left waiting for over two hours while a search was carried out.
Job For A Cowboy were taken off stage during the commotion and band member Jon Rice reveals police did all they could to ensure fans' safety.
He tells Blabbermouth.net, "Just to clarify the events that happened this evening, a note was passed to the bartender stating that during our set a man with two knives and a gun was going to hurt people.
"Cops were called and after the proper precautions were taken, the show set off again, albeit a bit behind. No one was hurt and everyone involved is safe."