The 29-year-old professional skydiver ROBERTA MANCINO has been named the sexiest woman in sport by readers of Men's Fitness. The national freestyle champion and current 'Free Fly' record holder is also a model, and has graced the pages of some of the world's biggest fashion magazines.
Mancino has completed over 4,000 skydives, and speaking to Men's Fitness about her inspiration she said, "I have been skydiving since October 2001. I decided to try it after I saw the movie Point Break. My best friend was a skydiver and I convinced him to take me to the drop zone and try it, even though he said I shouldn't because it was too dangerous". When discussing the dangers of her profession, the 29-year-old admits that she's had a few nervy moments in the air, saying, "My parachute failed five times because the way I packed it was wrong. I had already jumped 28 times before I experienced my first malfunction, but I was really freaked out. I was spinning very fast and this made a cutaway on the main parachute difficult".
Mancino beat off stiff competition, including the beach volleyball played Misty May, to take the title of 'World's Sexiest Woman in Sport.