Robbie Savage thinks his cracked nose will be the "perfect addition" to Strictly Come Dancing's Halloween-themed show.

The former professional footballer - who accidentally smashed his nose in during last weekend's saucy routine - admitted while his busted honker is "a bit sore", the black and blue look will complement this week's spooky theme.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "It's a bit sore, but it's alright. It's cracked but it looks a lot worse than it actually is because it's black and blue.

"I've done a lot worse, I broke my leg and my neck as a footballer so breaking my nose doesn't stop me.

"It's Halloween week anyway so it kind of works well. There's lots of make up going on, so you could say it's the perfect addition."

Robbie - who is partnered alongside Ola Jordan in the BBC One show - explained he is finding appearing on 'Strictly' both "mentally and physically" harder than his career as a professional footballer.

He added: "I have to admit dancing is probably harder than football. I just think mentally and physically, you know it's eight hours a day.

"As a footballer if you're in a team and you're a bit tired you can hide in the corner and not really touch the ball, but with dancing you can't because even if you're having an off day, you have to get it right. Simple. All eyes are on you and if you mess up, you're out."

'Robbie Savage: Football Howlers' DVD is released November 21 through Revolver Entertainment.